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Extreme Rules 2014 match card preview: Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger

Cesaro became a Paul Heyman guy, angering his former manager and tag partner. Then everybody got mixed up with an ECW original, costing them all in the Intercontinental title tournament, and netting us this triple threat.

Triple Threat Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro

Betrayal, Revenge, and Settling Old Scores

On tap for Extreme Rules is a good ole grudge match that features so many scores being settled that Frank Underwood's head is spinning. Cesaro has turned his back on We the People, Swagger has taken up arms in response, Colter has had his mustache violated, and of course the long history between Paul "My client Brock Lesnar conquered the Streak" Heyman and RVD.

Tale of the Tape


Hails from: cSs' collective dream

Accomplishments: First man to make balding sexy since Sean Connery, ascended to the royal throne of Swing, Paul Heyman Guy


Hails from: What was the question, brah?

Accomplishments: Mr. Monday Night, High Times Wrestler of the Year 1995-2012, Escaped TNA

Jack Swagger

Hails from: 'Murica

Accomplishments: High Times Wrestler of the Year 2014, ???

What's at Stake?

Besides the satisfaction of defeating your opponents - the winner of this match emerges as the most likely Intercontinental Championship number one contender.

Will Paul Heyman have something new to crow about?  Can Jack Swagger defend Zeb Colter's border?  Does Rob Van Dam give a damn?

If any of those questions are answered, Cageside Seats will be here to fill you in!

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