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WWE NXT Takeover results, live match coverage tonight (May 29, 2014)

Get complete results and live coverage of every match on tonight's (May 29, 2014) WWE 'NXT Takeover' live event from Full Sail University in Florida, featuring three championship matches and much more!

WWE NXT Takeover is all set to pop off tonight (Thurs., May 29, 2014) from Full Sail Live, at 8 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT Takeover below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Adrian Neville defending his NXT championship against former WWE Tag Team champion Tyson Kidd. Elsewhere, Charlotte and Natalya will do battle to become the second ever NXT Women's champ, The Ascension face a challenge to their tag titles from luchadors El Local & Kalisto, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze grapple to determine the #1 contender for the NXT belt, and more!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



  • Adam Rose defeats Camacho via pinfall following a Party Foul
  • The Ascension defeat El Local & Kalisto via pinfall following Fall of Man when Konnor pins El Local, retaining their NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Tyler Breeze defeats Sami Zayn via pinfall following a Beauty Shot to become the #1 contender for the NXT Championship
  • Charlotte defeats Natalya via pinfall following Bow Down to the Queen to become the Women's Championship
  • Adrian Neville defeats Tyson Kidd via pinfall following Red Arrow to retain the NXT Championship



Hey now, it's Sean.

The Pre-Show was pretty dope.  Surprise!  Paul Heyman is pretty entertaining.

Tom Phillips, William Regal and Byron Saxton welcome us after an opening hype package about evolving or becoming extinct (® Hunter Hearst Helmsley).

The Exotic Express is here, so I guess Camacho and Rose are kicking us off.

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

Adam begins with some Rico-esque homoerotic defense (wiggling into Camacho's crotch to get out of a full nelson) before Camacho hits him with some impressive power moves.  Rose tries to "hulk up" out of rest hold, but catches a big boot to shut that down.  It's all the heel until Rose dodges a strike in the corner and eventually connects with DAT SPINEBUSTER to take control.  Then it's the bronco buster in the corner and a Party Foul for the win.

Rose defeats Camacho via pinfall following a Party Foul

Sami Zayn promo video tracing his arc since the loss to Cesaro at ArRIVAL (this is the same video they aired on the pre-show).

Eden informs us that Tyler Breeze has entered the building!

The Ascension (c) vs. El Local and Kalisto

Konnor and Viktor attack as soon as the bell rings, but get dumped from the ring and then hit big uppercuts on the luchadors when they attempt a stereo-dive to the floor.

Things finally settle down for Viktor to work with Kalisto, followed by a quick tag to Konnor for a tag maneuver as the newcomer plays face-in-peril.  A big forearm smash from Viktor to Kalisto while he's hung up upside down in the ropes gets a two count.  Konnor whips the smaller man off the ropes from the floor, eventually leading to some cool counters when he catches the ropes with his arms and attacks with his legs.  A nifty hurricanrana that starts when he lands knees on Viktor's shoulders eventually gets the tag.

Things got pretty hairy, and Local misses a top rope dive and rolls through into a big clothesline by Viktor.  Tag, Fall of Man, champs retain.

The Ascension defeat El Local & Kalisto via pinfall following Fall of Man when Konnor pins El Local, retaining their NXT Tag Team Championship

The GREAT Tyler Breeze package from the Pre-Show airs to take us into the #1 contender's match.

Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze

More new entrance music for Sami (I think) that sounds designed to tie into the Ole' chants.  New music for everyone, as Breeze is now singing his own theme song a la Shawn Michaels.

Zayn tries to lock-up, but Breeze eludes.  They finally cinch, trading arm locks until Sami gets the take down.  Arm drags from SZ frustrate Prince Pretty until he snaps and grabs the hair - things starting to get chippy.  The Likeable One sits atop the ropes to set something up when Breeze whips him to floor by a leg.  Zayn just in before the ten count and gets many boots in the corner for his trouble.

Mayor of Cutesville in charge as we start the second act.  His offense focuses on the head (which Regal quickly points out, and connects to how Sami landed on his neck on the floor).  Front face lock that Sami eventually powers our of and low bridges Breeze to the floor.  Seated somersault moonsault to the floor followed by a top rop splash gets a near fall.  He pulls the model back in by his tights for a Blue Thunder Bomb, one-two-NO!  He kicks out!

Zayn back up top, but Breeze rolls under.  Sami lands on his feet, but turns into a stiff kick to the gut.  That leads to a big DDT and a count of two.  Tyler snaps him off the mat, into the air and into a powerbomb set-up for one-two-NO!  Zayn kicks out!

Multiple stikes to the head from Breeze, but following a referee break, Zayn hits the exploder suplex into the corner.  Referee starts a count, and both men are up at around eight to trade strikes.  Ref gets in the way of a whip, but Zayn stops in time.  Sami goes for another Blue Thunder Bomb, but a reversal leads to some grappling and Tyler hits a loud superkick but can't cover for three.

Both men struggle to their feet, TB with punches to the top of the head until Zayn slaps him!  Sami refuses to be whipped, and counters into a pumphandle set-up that leads to a few roll-up attemps.  Zayn eventually gets him in the air for a DOUBLE PUMPHANDLE ORANGE CRUSH! (thanks Rev!) but can't finish it.

A SICK senton to the outside smashes Breeze's head audibly off the steel ramp.  Sami throws him in and heads for a Helluva Kick, but Tyler either crotches him or tries to protect his head (and then crotches him) to set-up his finisher.

Tyler Breeze defeats Sami Zayn via pinfall following a Beauty Shot to become the #1 contender for the NXT Championship

Lana out to introduce Rusev for some squashage, I imagine.  The Bulgarian is waving a Russian flag.  Lana compares his work on Raw and Smackdown to Russia expanding into Ukraine.

Mojo Rawley answers the call with the red, white and blue.  Well, this is one way to follow that Breeze-Zayn classic.

In the You-Ess-Aaa, we don't get hyped, we stay hyped.  And Mojo will show that Russian flag right up Rusev's putin!  The Hype Man charges the ring and gets killed.  Okay, I kind of liked that.  That probably makes me a bad American.

Lana tells Rusev to take out the trash, and he tosses Mojo to the floor.  Lana then tells him to Rawley gets an Accolade on the ramp until his social ambassador finally tells him to release it.  She raises his hand as he puts his foot on Mojo's back.

Recap of the Women's tournament leads us the Flair vs Hart package, and then into the title match.

Which will be presided over by the only Women's champion NXT has ever had before tonight, WWE Diva's champion Paige!  She thanks the fans, puts over NXT and the importance of the Women's championship as a step to the Diva's title.  She then teases a "memorable" remainder of this show...

Charlotte vs. Natalya

The women come out to their themes mixed with their mentors.  The Flairs was better, IMO.

Natty corners Charlotte in the corner before the introductions.  Uncle Bret gets Natty a big pop, Papa Ric gets The Nature Girl a mixed one.

Lock-up leads to a takedown for Neidhart.  Rolls into a front facelock that Char turns into an armbar that Natalya reverse, then that's reversed in a head scissor.  Really mat-based to start, playing up the Flair vs Hart thing.

The former Divas champ works several leg submissions as the BFF locks frustrated, but manages to reverse out several times.  Natty playing head games with a "WOOO" during a front neck crank.  A quick flurry sees Charlotte leap over a charging Natalya, but a front splash is countered into a roll-up another submission hold.

The Dirtiest Diva in the Game gets some punches in and the two end up trading slaps, leading to high knees and chaps from Charlotte.  Ric's antics distract the ref and even get a smile out of Bret when he walks over to put a stop to it.

Sleep countered into a stunner from Charlotte only gets two, and she follows that up by smashing Nat's head to the mat.  She locks in the Figure Four Headlock and gets in her offense from that, including a cool downed suplex.  Abdominal stretch, until Natalya elbows out and reverses it -including grabbing the leg!  Char rolls out the back of that and hits a drop kick for two.

Butterfly suplex  sets up a stiff run up Charlotte's back and drop kick to the face for two.  Ms. Fleihr ends up on the floor, and Natty follows - getting whipped by her knee onto the floor.  Naitch-ette puts her back and covers for two; Charlotte up top for a moonsault and misses!  But Natty is dazed and can't capitalize.  Slow spinning clothesline sets up the Sharpshooter...C almost gets to Dad and the ropes, but Nat drags her back to the middle.  But The Nature Girl reverses into the Figure Four!  They roll around, reversing pressure and slapping each other in the face.

The heel rolls to the edge and uses the leverage of hanging off the apron to really increase the pressure on the knee.  Charles Robinson forces the break, and Charlotte kicks Natty knee first into the steps.  They finally come back into the ring and Charlotte teases the Figure Four before looking Bret in the eyes and locking in the Sharpshooter!  Nat is about to tap when she rolls through and goes for the reversal...but Charlotte hits her somersault cutter to become the champ!

Charlotte defeats Natalya via pinfall following Bow Down to the Queen to become NXT Women's Champion

Show of respect from everyone in the ring and at ringside post-match.  Ric with the waterworks...nice moment for the Fleihrs.

Final Pre-Show video featuring the Kidd vs. Neville hype...pray they don't show Cole's interview with Mr. & Mrs. Natalya.  TK gets a hug from Nat before his entrance music kicks in.

Adrian Neville (c) vs. Tyson Kidd

Staredown after the bell before either makes a move.  They circle and muscle each other around the ring before a tense handshake.  Kidd with headgames, including a slap to his downed opponent.  The champ responds with some fancy armdrag takedowns of his own.

Very indy-like sequence where they mirror each others moves, than Kidd hits a cheapshot elbow while they're jawing at each other.  Tyson hangs Adrian upside down in the corner and works kicks to the neck and upper back, followed by a big drop kick right in the mush.  A rest hold follows a big clothesline as we catch our breath with Kidd subtly heeling it up.

Things head to the floor and Neville takes a big bump off the ramp following being hit by a dive from the outside.  Kidd works him over some more in the ring but can't get a cover.  The equalizer comes when both men crossbody each other at the same time.  The champ makes him comeback of forearms, kicks and a dropkick.  He hangs Kidd up for the same kicks to the neck, upper back and drop kick right in the mush that he got.

Top rope Superman forearm gets two.  He dumps Kidd and goes to match his dive to the outside, but gets caught with a bicycle kick counter for two.  Kidd up top, but Neville catches him with a forearm.  They battle up top, and Tyson goes from a frankensteiner/powerbomb but Neville flips out and hits a sitout powerbomb of his own.  One-two-NO!

The Geordie with kicks, and goes for a springboard but gets caught for a sweep off the ropes.  Kidd cover buts can't get the win.  Back up top, but Neville gets his feet up, so Tyson goes for a Sharpshooter.  The champ tries for a roll-up, but can't finish.  A suplex from the Canadian is countered into a suplex that dumps that both to the floor.  They slip in at a nine count, but both men are still groggy in the ring.

They lean on each other and trade strikes.  Kidd gets a Sharpshooter for a second, and then turns a roll-up into a(n almost) Dungeon Lock that he uses to kick Neville almost into unconciousness before Adrian gets to the ropes.

Some kicks hang Neville up in the ropes again, and Tyson hits a spinning leg drop from the top rope for two.  Kidd heads back up top, but the champ grabs a leg.  He's punched back down, but Neville catches him again.  One more time, and The Man That Gravity Forgot brings him down with a hurricanrana, which sets up Red Arrow!

Adrian Neville defeats Tyson Kidd via pinfall following Red Arrow to retain the NXT Championship

The champ gives the fallen challenger his space after the match, but eventually makes his way over to offer his hand.  Kidd ignores it and even bumps Neville's shoulder when limping out of the ring.

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