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News from Triple H's NXT Takeover conference call

Triple H talked about a range of subjects including Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon, Charlotte and Shawne Merriman on a wide-ranging conference call with the wrestling media to promote NXT Takeover. Read all the highlights here!

Triple H loves talking about his favourite topic, NXT.
Triple H loves talking about his favourite topic, NXT.
Michael N. Todaro

Today, Triple H has been very busy promoting tomorrow's NXT Takeover live special on the WWE Network, not just to Michael Cole on, but also to the wrestling media in an official conference call, which has been made publicly available on Below is all the news and interesting comments Hunter made during the 50 minutes Q&A session:

  • Triple H said they're considering eventually doing monthly NXT live specials for the WWE Network, but at the moment the plan is to stick with the quarterly format. He put the specials over as a great learning experience for all the NXT talent, down to the trainee cameramen, audio and lighting technicians, directors and producers, to work side by side with the WWE crew on a live television shoot, which is perfect preparation to get them ready for a position on the main WWE roster and build anticipation amongst fans for that moment.
  • Hunter admitted that just because an act works in the small, intimate setting of the NXT tapings at Full Sail University, it doesn't mean they will translate well in major arenas on a national scale, partly due to the extra pressure of finally getting to work in the big time.
  • He cites Cesaro as an example of someone who he had to pull aside after watching his NXT matches and tell him "Do that when you get to Raw, do that when you get to Smackdown, you work differently [here].", as he adapted to the transition.
  • The NXT Takeover name was inspired by the real-life takeover of WWE television by former NXT talent like The Shield, The Wyatt Family, etc.
  • It sounds unlikely that they will move to more regular NXT TV tapings and more live specials at the moment due to the increased costs involved, but it remains a work in progress.
  • Triple H claimed that the next step in the development of the WWE Performance Center is finding the right people and talent to make it as productive as possible and they are doing a series of global tryouts to find performers that not only can get over as stars in their local market, but also succeed internationally.
  • "I can look at Bray Wyatt and say Bray right now is just becoming comfortable. That's really how I feel and people can say, now listen, has he been knocking it out of the park since he walked in the door? Absolutely, but he is just now to me, from what I see and what I know of him, is just starting to get comfortable. That kid is nicking the surface of where he's gonna go, because he's just now starting to feel it and just now starting to get in the groove."
  • "Daniel Bryan's a prime example of that, he's not the same guy he was five years ago working [in Japan and on the independent scene], he had to transition too of becoming a character and a personality and a persona and you know that's where he is now. It didn't change what he does in the ring, it didn't change his skill level, it didn't change anything, but I've always believed that the business is a puzzle and there's a million pieces of it and one is skill in the ring, another is talking. There is all these different pieces, the more pieces of that puzzle you have, the better of a success you're going to be, and there were some pieces of the puzzle he had in spades and there are others he didn't have, and now he does and that's why you see his success. No different than anybody else, it's putting all those pieces together."
  • Triple H plans to continue mixing in some WWE talent on NXT broadcasts, as it helps their trainees develop, allows them to deliver more compelling storylines on NXT and also potentially reinvigorate the career of someone like Tyson Kidd who have suffered injury setbacks and been underutilized on Raw and Smackdown since their return. However, someone like Cesaro now seems to be deemed to be too big a star to be used regularly on NXT.
  • There's consideration being made to running NXT house shows and other NXT activities during the weekend of WrestleMania 31. The promotion will definitely be a big part of WrestleMania week.
  • Hunter claimed that Vince McMahon was surprised at the amount of interest in NXT on the WWE Network. Indeed, he was blown away by the audience figures and the social media buzz for NXT in general and NXT ArRIVAL in particular. He was expecting just a cool looking show, but felt they had launched a brand instead. Thus, NXT is expected to play a bigger and more prominent role on the WWE Network as the brand grows and evolves.
  • Regarding a new series of Tough Enough for the Network, it's being proposed to be shot at the WWE Performance Center, but it's not a 100% confirmed.
  • Regarding the WWE status of Christian and Rey Mysterio, they're both still recovering from injuries and Triple H hopes they're back as soon as they can.
  • Regarding physical training at NXT, the mindset is now different and they concentrate on training for active functional strength and for the performers to be as bulletproof and durable as possible, rather than pure bodybuilding to look as muscular and impressive as possible.
  • Triple H admitted that they do cut talent who are too engrained in a certain alternative style that they can't do something else or are unwilling to adapt to work in their environment and philosophy.
  • Regarding KENTA and Prince Devitt, Triple H had no comments on those rumors.
  • Hunter put over Charlotte as progressing very well and an amazing natural athlete. Regarding putting her in a match with Natalya as a continuation of the feud between her father Ric Flair and Nattie's uncle Bret Hart, he said: "Part of me when I do these things I just put my fan hat on for a minute and go, here's the people I've got to work with, what do I want to see? What would I like to watch? What would I tune into the Network to see from an NXT standpoint and that's kind of how we book it."
  • Regarding Shawne Merriman, Triple H said they're still in discussions with him. Hunter thinks he's a great guy, an amazing athlete and a very smart individual and he'd love to have him in NXT.

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