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Video: NXT Takeover preview with Triple H

Here's what is so good about the video you see above: Michael Cole gets the obvious out of the way first, a question about Payback this coming Sunday night in Chicago and the Evolution vs. The Shield No Holds Barred Elimination match. Triple H responds in promo mode, like a wrestler who will be taking part and he wants you to pay to see it.

Then, the conversation quickly changes to the NXT Takeover special event taking place at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, live on the WWE Network tomorrow night.

And Triple H lights up. What's more, he gets even more animated as the conversation moves along.

I'm not sure Triple H has ever been more endearing than he is when he talks about NXT. He's like a proud father who has spent years raising a child and now he's witnessing said child succeed and do well and he's glowing about it. It's a personal triumph but it's also the best thing for the child, as well.

That's NXT.

As a reminder, we'll have complete coverage of NXT Takeover tomorrow night. See you then!

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