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Goldberg talks CM Punk, WWE Hall of Fame and more

Rusty Jarrett

Former WCW and WWE star Goldberg sure has been chatty lately.  In advance of his new podcast, he sat down with Jim Ross last week and discussed his interest in one more match in WWE and possible opponents.

Donald Wood of Ring Rust Radio is who's next, in an interview that was released yesterday (May 27, 2014) that you can listen to below.  Of note was more discussion of his legacy, including one more WWE match and a spot in their Hall of Fame, and everyone's favorite hot button topic of 2014, CM Punk.

First, he sought to clear the air about how the wrestling "media" had reported his previous statements about a WWE return:

Let me back you up for a second here. It's funny anytime that I mention anything about wrestling, even my words can be taken out of context. There have been a number of different publications that have run the story that 'Goldberg's back and begging to have a match again' and he wants to get back in the ring, at the end of the day, I would definitely listen to that type of conversation but it's not something I wake up every morning and I pray to God to and hope that I can lace up my boots one more time because I have to end on a nostalgic note. If the opportunity arose and it was a favorable condition for everybody involved, and I mean working condition, not necessarily the money, and opponent, I would definitely cater the thought.

He strikes a similar tone when discussing the Hall of Fame:

To get any type of accolade like that when you're in a given sport or profession is the ultimate honor. But again, like I said about me stepping back in the ring, it's not something that I long for every morning. Would I deem my wrestling career a failure if I didn't join it? No. It would be a hell of an honor for sure. There are people there that deserve it and there are people there that don't deserve it and I'm not anyone to say that I deserve it by any stretch of the imagination. It would be an honor for sure because there are a lot of legends there and it is a sport that put my name at the forefront and I owe it a lot of credit for me being able to talk to you right now and have my own podcast and be a television actor. Yes it would be an honor but I wouldn't feel incomplete if it didn't happen at the end of the day.

Last but not least, he joins Chris JerichoMick Foley and just about everyone who has ever been in the wrestling business who is not currently employed by Vince McMahon with his thoughts on CM Punk's exit from WWE:

We're all individuals and we all live different ways.  I do not know any of the back story, I don't know CM Punk but I can empathize and I can completely understand anyone who wouldn't like dealings that have transgressed throughout the years at the WWE.

Makes you wonder if the "dealings" at WWE might also be a barrier to his return for one more match and/or a Hall of Fame induction.

Any new thoughts on this, Cagesiders?

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