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Paige highlighted in NXT Takeover video (a show she's not even booked for)

WWE has two big shows airing on The Network this week. Before Payback comes our way on Sunday, NXT will be having their second ever live special, Takeover, on Thursday night at 8PM Eastern.

In preparation for the developmental program's flagship show getting its latest moment in the spotlight, WWE is rolling out a series of documentary-style hype videos on their YouTube channel to promote the show. And despite the fact that their is a Women's title match on the card, AND that it features the culmination of a month long, eight person tournament to crown the second ever champ of the division, AND that the finals features Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte versus Total Divas star Natalya...the focus of the video about women on NXT is WWE Diva's champion Paige.

The video is attempting to establish the NXT brand and the legacy of the live specials (if such a thing is possible after only a few months of existence for The WWE Network), so it's understandable that they would return to The Anti-Diva's epic bout with Emma from ArRIVAL and her meteoric rise to prominence on the main shows.

But it's also indicative of how big a star they think they have in the Norwich, England native. This is, and I'm estimating here, but, I think it's the ninety-fifth video promoting her since she debuted on the Raw after WrestleMania. Her presence is being used as a selling point for a show she is not even scheduled to appear on - although its possible she could make an appearance before or after the title match to pass the torch to the person who will become only the second NXT Women's champion ever.

And they're absolutely not wrong to do so. The woman is a Superstar.

Now, watch this video, and then go and rewatch her victory over Emma from ArRIVAL.

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