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WWE Main Event results, live blog (May 27, 2014): The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Tues., May 27, 2014) from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and we'll have complete results and a live blog for the show right when it kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on the WWE Network.

Tonight's show will feature The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family in a non-title match.

Be sure to come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the Main Event live blog.



- I missed the first match but Curtis Axel def. Cody Rhodes with a roll up.

- Damien Sandow was out next for a match with R-Truth and Sandow was playing the role of white rapper. His rap:

"I roll with the sinners but I'm priased like a saint
and when that bell rings I go hard in the paint
When fools try to step, I get to tossing
My teeth are clean but I still be flossing
Thuggish living till the end, tell a friend"

Sandow got some offense in but ultimately did the job yet agian.

- Brie Bella was out next and they were strongly pushing Daniel Bryan's decision at Payback this Sunday. Her sister, Nikki, accompanied her to the ring and cheered her on from ringside. Natalya was out after for a singles match. Brie was all fierce and wild and screaming about BRIE MODE and COME ON, ATLANTA and WHERE YOU AT, STEPHANIE. The finish was Brie locking Natalya in a half crab but Nattie reversing it into the Sharpshooter and Brie tapping. Brie was emotional after the loss and Natalya expressed condolences.

- Backstage, The Usos were interviewed by Renee Young. No word on whether or not Renee was wearing shoes. They made fun of The Wyatt Family for not being a real family.

- Luke Harper cut a promo talking about how close knit the Family is and how the Usos are full of it. Bray Wyatt then spoke and said John Cena's got The Usos doing his bidding but they'll learn and they'll hurt. Run.

- Main event was next: The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family. It was the tag team showcase you would expect from these two teams, a good match that Jimmy and Jey were on their way to winning before a big clothesline from Luke Harper got the pinfall victory. After the match, The Wyatt Family started beating down The Usos so the crowd started chanting for John Cena. Bray Wyatt's response was to say, "Yeah, where is John Cena?!?" Then he hit Sister Abigail on, I believe Jimmy, before Harper counted to 10.


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