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Slapstick Saturday: GET JACKED on UPN 38 at 10pm!

Farooq and Bradshaw are JACKED! Or are they supposed to get jacked? Or drink some jack?


I guess we should be grateful that WWE fired "Jackyl" and turned Hell's Henchmen into The Acolytes, who later became known as the Acolyte Protection Agency (APA). That's where the tag team of Farooq and Bradshaw did their best work and won a couple of tag team championships.

They even had their own commercial!

The reason they had such great success was because they also had great chemistry, and you can tell that every night was a fun night for the APA. Look no further than this television spot they were trying to film for a local UPN affiliate in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Take a peek:

Get jacked!

Farooq would later retire, paving the way for Bradshaw to be re-branded as "JBL," where he would enjoy a successful singles career before moving over to the announce table. But shooting the bull with Mahgle Michael Cole just doesn't compare to the old days of beer, cigars, and Texas Hold 'Em.


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