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First look at Briscoes vs. Hardyz from OMEGA Championship Wrestling...BAI GAWD, THAT'S WILLOW

It's more fun than a plastic skeleton.

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The Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA) promotion out of North Carolina has always been the Jeff and Matt Hardy show. It was created and run by the brothers in the late 90s, folded up its tent when they signed with the then-WWF and restarted in 2013 when Matt was trying to re-establish his name after a disastrous couple of years, personally and professionally.

It's also where everyone's favorite plastic skeleton loving, under the stair dwelling backwood supernatural entity/Jeff Hardy was born.

There latest show was a few weeks back on April 26th. Chaos in Cameron: A Hardy Homecoming was headlined by a reunion of Matt and Jeff as the Hardy Boyz, facing off against The Briscoe Brothers in a bit of a dream match. The show is available for digital download from or on DVD from the OMEGA site.

I haven't seen this or any other OMEGA show, so I can't honestly speak to the quality or if it's worth your $14.99. I was, however, THRILLED to see Cageside favorite Willow (referred to in OMEGA by his full name, Willow the Whisp, for licensing purposes) make a run-in during the main.

And since he made the save in a match that Jeff Hardy was a part of...they have to be different people you guys!


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