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CNN profile on Dave Millican, the man who makes WWE's championship 'belts'

He also makes titles for TNA, Bellator and others. But somebody better tell him his biggest customer likes them to be called 'championship titles'.

CNN Money released a segment on Dave Millican of Dave Millican Belts, profiling the man behind most of the championship titles used by WWE today.

There have been stories on Millican before, notably a story from last year where he listed his ten favorite versions that was published not long after The Rock revealed the new WWE Title design. I don't recall seeing video of the man at work, though. It's great to see the man himself explain how he got into a very unique line of work, a business that takes things he makes by hand in his garage and puts them on our television sets every week.

It's also impossible to not mention that the straps come from a man who says that he makes "belts", and has even identified his business by putting the word "Belts" in its name...but Vince McMahon still wants you to call them championship titles.

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