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Total Divas season 2, episode 9 ratings rebound to 1.3 million viewers

Last week's episode of Total Divas scored just 750,000 viewers for the E! channel, an abysmal showing and a new record for the lowest in the short history of the series. The good news? The numbers rebounded in a big way this week.

To the tune of 1.3 million viewers for this past Sunday night's (May 18, 2014) episode.

What seems to be the issue here is a programming snafu, namely the fact that last week's episode wasn't showing up on many channel guides at its usual time. Because so many fans thought the show wasn't airing, they didn't watch. It was also Mother's Day, and that could have played a part in the sharp decline as well.

No such issue this week, hence the strong rebound.

Here's how the numbers look so far this season:

Episode one: 1.07 million
Episode two: 1.28 million
Episode three: 1.55 million
Episode four: 1.16 million
Episode five: 1.39 million
Episode six: 1.14 million
Episode seven: 0.96 million
Episode eight: 0.75 million
Episode nine: 1.3 million

To get up to date on episode nine click here to watch the show.

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