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Rumor Roundup (May 2, 2014): Global Force Wrestling deal, Seth Rollins spoils Shield plans?, Even more NXT trouble, more!

Who are Global Force Wrestling's new partners ? What does Seth Rollins have to say about the Shield's future? Who's scared for their jobs in NXT? Possible answers to these questions in today's Rumor Round-Up.

For many fans, reading about rumors -- and trawling the sites that traffic in them -- has become as popular as watching the matches themselves. In this daily column, we take a look at the biggest rumors and weirdest stories being churned out by those pro wrestling "news" sites.

Important reminders: Rumors are "rumors" and not "news" for a reason, folks. That which has not been confirmed as legitimate news or fact will be made clear. Also, don't let these things ruin your day. It gets better.

Global Force Wrestling's new deal with AAA:

In what's become a recurring them for the fledgling company, Jeff Jarrett's new wrestling promotion has announced another deal, this time with renowned Mexican wrestling promotion AAA. The press release indicated that the companies will engage in a talent exchange program, but was vague on the details with AAA executive vice president Dorian Roldan saying:

It's imperative that wrestling organizations have talent exchanges because it's good for the industry and wrestling fans around the world. It exposes them to different talent and different styles that will bring a unique perspective to GFW.

It also made note of Jeff Jarrett's previous working relationship with the company, and mentioned him main-eventing of AAA's premier event TripleMania. The press release also seemed to hint towards this as a possible business model for the company, stating

We're thrilled to share the AAA brand as part of our mission to span the globe to find the absolute best talent.

It's unclear whether this means simply going to different companies and raiding their talent or doing similar talent exchange programs -- or more likely, a combination of the two -- but the wording is NOT accidental. It makes clear that they will, at the very least, be mining parts of the wrestling world that the WWE is only starting to exploit. Speaking of exploiting (as Jarrett wears the AAA World title) :


Random Rumors and NEWZ:

  • The "Architect" of the Shield was interviewed by IGN yesterday, which, in addition to being  a good read, gives the type of insight that "rumors" site often don't. Most interestingly, Rollins seemed to be telling the interviewer that the plans were for the Shield to be sticking together for the time being after their recent face turn. When asked if there were plans to split the group, or if they should be kept together, Rollins opinion on the issue was very clear, "I think there's a lot of life left in The Shield, especially with the different direction the crowd has taken on with us. I think there's a long way to go for us as a group" before quickly adding the caveat "-- individuals as well." With the idea that they'll be together until at least SummerSlam, the over/under for amount of time a member of Evolution goes over a member of the Shied during this time is 44.4.
  • Short Sleeve Sampson, formerly of Hulk Hogan's Mirco Championship Wrestling will be appearing as part of the WeeLC match at this Sunday's Extreme Rules "special event". Sampson previously appeared on WWE television as miniature versions of Undertaker and Kurt Angle. There's no word if he'll be used beyond this, either in this feud or as part of a program with Rey Mysterio to ease him back into work after he re-signs with the company.
  • Kurt Angle is back on the road, working with MVP in a series of tag matches at live events in Wisconsin against ECIII and Magnus. What this means for Kurt Angle considering the recent developments with MVP's character and plans is hard to say.
  • It appears that, following the recent releases from developmental program, the general feeling among the talent in the WWE Performance Center is one of fear for their jobs. While there's no word on who might be on the chopping block, according to Figure Four Weekly there are more cuts coming. We at the Rumor Round-Up just hope that Mojo Rawley has maintained his ability to Stay Hyped despite the dip in morale.

If you have heard of any interesting rumors that you'd like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Please remember, these are merely rumors. Try not to take them too seriously, just have fun with them. If you just get too angry, check out the best #InternetWrestlingWriting of the last week from Cageside Seats and everywhere else. That should make you feel much better.

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