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Sheamus' Cageside Evaluation

His name is Sheamus and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former WWE Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

Joern Pollex

What you loved:

  1. In-Ring - Let it never be said that he's not good at his chosen professional of, you know, actually wrestling.
  2. Hoss - When a hoss fight is needed, Sheamus is your man. His battles with Cesaro are something special.
  3. Look - He stands out in a crowd. That will always count for something in a business like this.
  4. Legitimately Nice Guy - Hey there, fella!
  5. Mic Work - Can cut a promo without any trouble. Has decent comedic timing as well.

Best comment comes via treble1313:

"Very good brawler. I usually don’t like brawlers, but Sheamus makes it work. His shows his damage. His skin gets scratched and bruised, his hair gets matted. Sheamus looks like he’s giving and taking a beating every night."


What you loathed:

  1. Bland - His current character is boring and lacks depth. One Cagesider referred to him as "Cena-Lite."
  2. No Connection - Many of you find it hard to care about what Sheamus does on a nightly basis.
  3. "It" Factor - He's a solid talent for the upper-middle card, but without some adjustments, the main-event is not for him these days.
  4. Stereotypes - This is nothing new in pro wrestling, but we get it, he's Irish.
  5. Mic Work - Mixed bag on this one, hence the inclusion in both the love and loathe sections. He's good enough with the stick but there are far too many promos that consist of him saying he loves to fight and he's a fella and that's all.

Best comment comes via StuckInAfghanistan:

"Sheamus as a face. He’s too much of a prick to be a face, and doesn’t really do 'face' things – either in promos or in the ring. He’s a lot like HHH, probably the most HHH-like of any guy they have on the roster, in that they can work as a face, but it looks forced and they seem much more natural doing nasty things."

On to the poll! With 242 votes, Sheamus' average poll score is 3.6.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick really knows their way around arenas.

Until then!

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