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The Armbar's Cageside Evaluation

The move is The Armbar and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about it. Here's the full evaluation.

miguel.discart on Wikimedia Commons

What you loved:

  1. Legit Move - Because of its effectiveness in mixed martial arts, that was a central part of the discussion. The move works because, well, the move actually works.
  2. Variations - Part of why it works is because there are a lot of ways to pull it off.
  3. Rondy Rousey - Aside from her Olympic Judo career, Rousey is 9-0 in MMA, with 8 of those fights ending via, you guessed it, armbar. Even when opponents know it's coming they can't defend it.
  4. Jericho Promo - If you have not seen it, and wonder why everyone on here loves saying "armbar", check out the video.
  5. Application - Many of you said, from personal experience, it's one of the easier moves to apply to an opponent. That just adds to it's effectiveness.

Best comment comes from BrassCitySaint:

"Effective. I’m going to approach both sides of the coin as one who trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Let me start by saying this much: this hold hurts like hell. People don’t realize that its purpose is to hyper-extend the arm. When applied correctly, you’re basically pushing your opponent’s elbow in a direction it was never designed to go. If you have any doubts as to its effectiveness, just look up "Frank Mir-Tim Sylvia" on YouTube. It’s not quite "Sid Vicious leg drop" level, but it’s up there. Selfishly, as a practitioner and MMA fan, I really like seeing this hold in the ring, because it adds an air of believability to the in-ring product."


What you loathed:

  1. Doesn't Translate - Here's an interesting complaint: The move works well in reality but doesn't translate to pro wrestling due to various factors like the fact that it leaves you open to ... taking a pinfall on a reversal? That's an interesting take, if nothing else.
  2. Underused - If it doesn't translate, why would we want to see it more? Well, only one guy uses it regularly and it's...
  3. Alberto Del Rio - That thrusting motion makes it appear as though he's trying to hump the arm he's holding. He over-exaggerates the application of the move, and that kills its effectiveness.
  4. Rest Hold - Self explanatory.
  5. Poor Selling - There are times in MMA that an armbar is fully locked in but the victim escapes unscathed. With that said, proper application and execution should result in a broken arm, not just wiggling out and shaking it off.

Best comment comes via KJ Gould:

"Loathe: doesn’t look that spectacular in pro wrazzlin’, hardly anyone has mastered working multiple setups for it, had been used for a long time as a rest hold that only works the arm so greatly devalued as a finisher. Also potential to pin yourself applying it."

On to the poll! With 179 votes, The Armbar's average score is 3.8.

Thanks, Cagsiders! Tomorrow's pick is oh so fancy.

Until then!

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