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NXT Champion Paige debuts on WWE Raw, wins Divas Championship from AJ Lee

The Anti-Diva is now the Divas champ, as the 21 year old Brit came out to congratulate AJ Lee on her win at WrestleMania, and ended up claiming the belt from the arrogant former queen of the division.

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AJ Lee survived 13 other Divas last night at WrestleMania 30 in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational at WresteMania 30.  She was feeling pretty cocky about it, too, and headed to the ring on Raw to gloat about her record-setting 292 days as Divas champion.

NXT Womens champion Paige made her way out, to a pretty impressive pop for a developmental talent who has never appeared on national television.  The 21 year old Brit, daughter of independent legend Sweet Saraya Knight, said that she was just here to congratulate Lee on her victory.

The Divas champ didn't appreciate the interuption, though, and with her enforcer Tamina by her side, offered up a slap and a special Raw after WrestleMania treat for Paige and the fans - a title shot for the rookie.

After a quick cheap shot, it looked like the Black Widow would force an equally quick tap out.  But AJ could never quite lock in the submission hold, and the raven-haired lass who impressed the WWE Universe with her power moves on NXT muscled out of the hold.  She reversed it into a Paige Turner (a swinging leg hook slam), and the newcomer had done what none of the cast of Total Divas have been able to do in a year.

Paige is your new WWE Divas champion, ladies and gents.

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