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Divas Championship Invitational full match video preview for WrestleMania 30

AJ Lee vs. The World.

Considering the Divas Championship Invitational match at tonight's (Sun., April 6, 2014) WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza in New Orleans, Louisiana, features 14 different women, all in the ring at one time, it's not easy for WWE to put together a video package hyping it.

Plus, there's been very little build to it in the way of anything resembling a story. So, instead, AJ Lee, the champion, takes center stage. It's just her against the world.

"6-16-13, the day I became Divas champion. Tap, tap, tap. I am the longest reigning Divas champion in WWE history. I have worked my entire life. I gave my life for this. I have saved your Divas division. I have shattered glass ceilings, I have broken down doors, I have forced this division to rebuild itself. My message was simple: prove me wrong. At WrestleMania, it's going to be me against the world. That's just how I like it. ... Try and beat me, girls. I'm walking into WrestleMania as Divas champion and I'm walking out as Divas champion. There is no beating me. There is no stopping me. None of you will ever be able to lace my Chuck Taylors. You can't have this."

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