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WrestleMania 30 results, live match coverage tonight (April 6, 2014) from New Orleans

Complete results and live match coverage of the entire WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) event from New Orleans, Louisiana, tonight (April 6, 2014) featuring Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H, Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, and more!

It's finally here. WWE WrestleMania 30 is all set to pop off TONIGHT (Sun., April 6, 2014) from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, at 7 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of WrestleMania 30 below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

NOTE: This is the live blog for the show and comments are closed. The live discussion thread for the show can be found by clicking HERE.

Full results and match coverage below.



Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton vs. Batista
Brock Lesnar def. the Undertaker
John Cena def. Bray Wyatt
Daniel Bryan def. Triple H
Cesaro wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Divas Championship Invitational: AJ Lee wins
The Shield def. Kane & New Age Outlaws
Usos def. Rybaxel vs. Real Americans vs. Los Matadores



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


An absolutely wonderful video to introduce the show that ties in the past and present of Wrestlemania with the environment of New Orleans.

WWE production never ceases to amaze me.


Out comes our host for the evening- Hulk Hogan.

Loud Hogan chant and he want's to tell us something brother.

He welcomes everyone in the audience and watching on the WWFE network.  Cole says Hogan thinks he is back at Wrestlemania III.

Hogan proceeds to then call it the Silverdome.  He really does think he is at Mania III.

He corrects himself and then starts to talk about the importance of Wrestlemania moments when....


Austin makes his way out.

Austin celebrates and then has a quick staredown with Hogan before asking for a Hell Yeah.

Austin says he normally would open a can of whoop ass and asks if we want him to do so on Hogan while he makes fun of Hogan for calling it the silverdome.

Austin then plays with the fans and the what chant as he talks about sitting next to Hogan last night at the HoF.

Austin then thanks Hogan for all he has done for the business.

Hogan asks for a Hell Yeah for Stone Cold and the fans oblige.

Austin finishes up with some comments about the new generation when....


Out comes the Rock.

He high fives Hogan and then hugs Austin.

Loud Rocky chant erupts as he takes hold of the mic.

Rock does his schtick and talks about his great memories with Mania.

Rock says that Bryan will rise tonight much like Austin did.

Rock does some more Rockisms and then talks about what an honor it is to be here.

Each of the three men go through their catch phrase to end the segment.

The three then share some Steveweisers


Daniel Bryan vs HHH

Result: Daniel Bryan wins by pinfall


  • Stephanie in the ring to announce her husband.  HHH comes out on a throne in full armor including a mask while surrounded by three gorgeous women- one of whom is Sasha Banks.  The other two appear to be Charlotte and Alexa Bliss.  After he takes off his armor and mask, his music hits and he goes through his typical entrance including spitting the watter as Stephanie claps in the background.
  • Bryan out now by simply coming out and chanting with the crowd.  He takes off his shirt and his shoulder is still taped.
  • After they pace around each other, HHH extends his hand to Bryan.  Bryan kicks the hand and goes for a roll up for two.  HHH is furious and charges in for some punches but Bryan turns it around and peppers HHH with kicks.  HHH rolls out of the ring and Stephanie is trying to calm him down as Bryan taunts him by sticking out his hand now.
  • HHH gets back to the ring and goes to work on the shoulder but a series of flips gets Bryan the escape.  Bryan with a side headlock throw but HHH powers out and lays Bryan out with a shoulder tackle.  Bryan then takes out HHH's knee and goes for another side headlock throw.  HHH with scissors to the head to attempt to escape but Bryan counters it into another hold.  They are trading holds now until Bryan gets the advantage with some uppercuts.  He starts to go to work with the kicks but HHH counters with a leg drag.
  • HHH drags Bryan to the corner and tries to work the shoulder into the ring post but Bryan fights out and dropkicks him.  Bryan follows up with a tornado DDT off the apron!  Bryan does up top and hits a swanton and the both go tumbling into the barricade.  Bryan recovers and drags HHH to the ring for the pin attempt.
  • Bryan goes up top again but HHH falls onto the rope to crotch Bryan.  He then hits a huge forearm that sends Bryan to the outside.  HHH is readying the table and wants a Pedigree but Bryan tries to fight out.  HHH then old schools Bryan arm into the edge of the table.  HHH goes back into the ring and he wants the count out but Bryan makes the count.
  • As Bryan makes it back to the ring, HHH goes to town with some knees and then a leg sweep.  HHH with a shoulder lock.  Bryan fights out and sends HHH to the outside.  Bryan goes for the suicide dive but HHH nails him with a big right hand as he goes through the ropes.  HHH with a big slam onto the apron.
  • HHH with a Crossface Chickenwing!  HHH then transitions to the Crippler Crossface!  Bryan barely makes it to the rope to break the hold.  HHH continues to work over Bryan's should before laying into him with some rights.  Bryan fires back with his own and the two start trading rights and then Bryan lays out HHH with a running forearm.  Bryan with a couple of kicks but then HHH lands one of his own.
  • Bryan tries to escape with the backflip but HHH doesn't charge in so Bryan lands in front of him.  HHH goes for a german suplex but Bryan counters into one of his own.  They counter each other a few times which ends with HHH going for the crossface chickenwing but then just deciding to hit a Tiger release suplex.
  • HHH sets Bryan up on the turnbuckle but Bryan counters with a sunset flip powerbomb.  Bryan then with some running dropkicks in the corner but HHH counters a third one with a brutal clothesline.  HHH then goes for the pedigree but Bryan countered and got a two count.  Bryan goes up top and goes for the flying headbutt but HHH got his knee up and locked in the crippler crossface again.  Bryan tries to make it to the rope but can't make it.  He goes for a counter but HHH goes through with the roll and they are back in the middle of the ring.
  • After fighting some more, Bryan finally gets a successful count into the Yes! Lock.  HHH slowly but surely fights his way to the rope.  HHH rolls to the outside so Bryan goes for the suicide dive and then another!  Bryan with some kicks as HHH lays against the barrier.  He tosses him back in and hits a missile dropkick off the top rope.
  • Bryan kips up and goes to work with a flurry of kicks to a kneeling HHH that ends with a headkick and the two count.  Stephanie is looking distraught on the outside and she has been awesome through out this whole match.
  • Bryan in the corner and he gets the Yes! chants going.  He goes for the running knee but HHH counters with a spinebuster!  Pedigree but Bryan kicks out!
  • Stephanie urges him to hit it again but Bryan counters with a roll up for two.  HHH rages and goes to town with some rights after he tosses Bryan into the corner.  HHH goes for the Pedigree again but Bryan with a counter that gets him another two count.  HHH goes back to work with some knees and wants the Pedigree again.  Bryan fights out and lands a huge kick to HHH's head.
  • Bryan goes for the kick to a kneeling HHH but HHH dodges.  HHH goes tries to take advantage with a suplex but Bryan lands on his feet and hits the Busaiku Knee for the three count. YES! YES! YES!
  • Hell of a match
After the match, Stephanie slaps Bryan and HHH attacks him from behind.  He wedges Bryan's shoulder up against the post and nails it with a chair.  They taunt Bryan a bit before walking to the back as the medical crew looks after Bryan.


The Shield vs NAO and KAne



  • NAO try to do their schtick but the Shield interrupts them with their entrance and they are rocking some skull balaclavas for the evening.
  • Ambrose and Kane start things off as they trade blows.  A Kane right hand sends Ambrose into the ropes and he uses the momentum for a clothesline.  Tags made to Reigns and Gunn.
  • Reigns makes quick work of Gunn and Dogg tries to make the save.  He gets them both into the ropes and goes out and hits the apron dropkick to both of them.  Reigns goes for the Superman punch but Kane catches him for a chokeslam attempt but Rollins makes the save.
  • It turns into bedlam as all six men start brawling and it leads to Reigns hitting the superman punch on Gunn.  Gunn rolls to the outside so Ambrose and Rollins hit the double suicide dive to him and Dogg.  Reigns then spears Kane and when NAO gets back into the ring they spear them both.
  • Shield then hits the Triple Powerbomb on both members of the NAO at the same time to get the three count!
  • Well that was quick and no dissension. The Shield lives on!


Duggan, Slaughter, Steamboat, and are playing with some WWE toys in the back.  It is really funny especially Steamboat's entrance.  An official comes in and takes the toys because they belong to someone else.

DiBiase comes in and reveals he bought the toys!  Awesome.

Ron Simmons then appears for a damn.


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal



  • This is a big cluster that is pretty much impossible to live blog.  So no detailed highlights for this one.
  • Actually here are a couple.
  • Fandango still being loved as he got some eliminations and dance on the apron with the crowd before getting eliminated by Sheamus
  • Cesaro uppercutting a springboarding Mysterio to get the elimination
  • Kofi getting absolutely tossed out by Cesaro but his feet never touched the ground as they staid on the steps as he hit the floor.  That was insane.
  • Sheamus eliminating himself and Del Rio as he tried to to toss him while Del Rio had the arm bar in which left only Cesaro and Big Show left
  • Wow.......
After the match Big Show shook his hand.


Bray Wyatt vs John Cena

Result: Cena wins by pinfall


  • Wyatt got the live musical performance for his entrance and it was awesome.  The entire crowd and the announce team went silent and the mood just spoke for itself.
  • Wyatt opens up the match by kneeling in the middle of the ring and begging for Cena to finish him.  Cena looks confused and doesn't oblige so he goes after Cena with some punches.
  • Cena with a side headlock but Wyatt counters with and elbow and goes to work with punches and headbutts.  Cena isn't putting up much of a fight as Wyatt continues to lay into him with strikes and flying cross bodies.
  • Wyatt with some hard whips into the corner but when he tries to follow up, Cena lays him out with a hard clothesline.  Cena is rampaging as he continues to go after Wyatt.  Wyatt laughs as Cena continues to assault him.
  • Harper and Rowan get on the apron but Wyatt calls them off.  Cena is angry as he just goes to grinding Wyatt in the corner and then all over the ring.  Big boot from Cena.  The ref is continuing to try and talk Cena off from this rage.
  • Cena is in despair in the corner as Wyatt continues to taunt him and then Wyatt hits a big slam and then follows up with some stomps.  Wyatt continues to goad Cena to beat on him so Cena hits a huge clothesline.  Cena tries to follow up but Wyatt counters into a sleeper hold.  Cena tries to fight out but Wyatt gets back to it with another sleeper.
  • Cena escapes again and hits his shoulder tackles and a powerslam.  He just can't help but smile at all the boos as he readies the five knuckle shuffle but he is freaked out by Wyatt's bridge.  Wyatt takes advantage with some slams and then a big splash in the corner as the crowd sways at Wyatt's command.
  • Wyatt goes in for another but Cena hits a tornado DDT off the turnbuckle for a two count.  He goes up top again (slowly as he keeps his eyes on Rowan) but his flying leg drop is countered into a powerbomb by Wyatt for a two count!
  • Cena with an ankle pick that Wyatt counters but Cena counters with a slam and then a five knuckle shuffle.  Cena goes for the AA but Wyatt counters with a gut buster.
  • They make it to the apron and Cena goes for a suplex but Wyatt counters with a DDT onto the apron.  The crowd is continuing to sway and sing for Wyatt.
  • Wyatt sets up Cena on the turnbuckle for a superplex but Cena with a flurry of headbutts to send Wyatt flying.  Cena then turns and hits a huge splash to Rowan and Harper on the outside.  Wyatt takes advantage as he puts Cena into the ropes.
  • The ref tells him to get Cena back in the ring so Wyatt starts taunting the ref- awesome.
  • Wyatt tries to pick up the stairs as a weapon but Cena kicks him and then puts him into the ring post.  CEna takes hold of the steps and he is angry as he is about to smash Wyatt with them.  Cena is fighting with himself and decides to put the stairs down.
  • They make it back to the ring and Wyatt lays out Cena with crossbody.  Wyatt takes Cena's head and starts singing He's Got the Whole World In His Hands.
  • Cena takes advantage and hits an AA for two.
  • The ref prevents Rowan from getting into the ring so Harper uses the distraction to lay out Cena.  Wyatt with a splash that gets a two count.
  • Wyatt sends Cena to the outside.  Harper looms over so Cena tackles him through the barricade!  Wyatt then attacks Cena and gets him back to the ring.  Wyatt goes for the Sister Abigail but Cena counters into the STF.  Wyatt gets a hold of the rope.
  • As they recover Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail but Cena kicks out at two!  Wyatt is clearly frustrated.  Wyatt starts tearing about the Spanish Announce table and he goes for a chair by the announcers.  He reached over Harper still laying on the barricade to do it.
  • Wyatt kicked the chair to Cena!  CEna seems like he is going to hit Wyatt with it but he hits Rowan on the apron.  Wyatt tries for the Sister Abigail but Cena counters into the AA for the win.


They bring out the Class of 2014 for some recognition.


The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar



  • Undertaker's entrance involved coffins for every victim of the streak.  They panned away when Punk's coffin came up.
  • Bell rings and Taker opens up with some punches that send Lesnar to the corner.  Lesnar counter by whipping Taker into the corner and hitting a belly to belly suplex.  Lesnar sends Taker to the apron and lands some knees.  Lesnar with some elbows so Taker uses the rope to send Lesnar careening.
  • Taker working a shoulder lock before he puts the shoulder into the post.  Lesnar makes it to the outside so Taker follows him and puts his shoulder into the post again.
  • Taker sends him back into the ring and he goes for the Old School but Lesnar knocks him down with some punches and spears in the corner.  He builds up some momentum but Taker dodges and Lesnar goes into the post.  Taker then slams Lesnar's head into the steps.
  • The two begin trading blows but Taker sets Lesnar up on the apron and hits the leg drop.  Back in the ring and Taker hits snake eyes.  He goes for a chokeslam but Lesnar counters and tries for the F5 but Taker counters and sends Lesnar into the turnbuckle.
  • Taker goes for a big boot in the corner but Lesnar dodges.  Lesnar then takes Taker ankle and slams it into the post a couple of times for good measure.  Lesnar with an ankle pick for a takedown on the outside.  He tosses Taker back into the ring and lays into him with some kicks.  Taker swings wildly and misses as Lesnar continues the assault.  Lesnar just continues to strike in order to keep Taker down.  A few stomps to the leg and then Lesnar works a leg hold in the corner.
  • Taker rolls to the outside but Lesnar sweeps the leg!  Lesnar sends Taker into the steps and he goes careening into the barrier in front of Brock Lesnar Guy!!!  Lesnar drags Taker into the ring and hits a vertical suplex and then goes to town with some knees against the ropes.
  • Lesnar just continues to pepper Taker with knees and punches for a minute until Taker hits a DDT.  Lesnar gets angry and charges but Taker hits a big boot.  Taker with a splash in the corner and then hits snake eyes again before landing another big boot.  Leg drop from Taker for a two count.
  • Taker is calling for the chokeslam and hits it for a two count.  Taker wants the tombstone but Taker counters with an F5 but only gets a two count.  Heyman is screaming for Lesnar to finish him.  Lesnar pounces but Taker locked in Hell's Gate.  Lesnar picks up Taker and broke the submission with a big slam.
  • Lesnar tries to follow up but Taker locks in Hell's Gate but Lesnar picks him up again and slams him.  Lesnar locks in the kimura now.  Taker eventually counters it into a kimura of his own.  Lesnar gets to the rope to break the hold and proceeds to lay into Taker with strikes and spears in the corner.  Taker fights back and goes for the old school but Lesnar counters it with an F5 for a two count.
  • Lesnar with a trio of german suplexs and then some stomps.  He stands up on the second rope for some punches but Taker counters with a Last Ride.  Taker with a Tombstone but Lesnar kicks out at two.
  • Taker goes for the tombstone again but Lesnar counters with an F5 for the pinfall!!!!!!!
  • The crowd reaction shots are too great.
After they match, Taker lingered around the ring for a bit as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.


Vicke Guerrero Diva Invitational

Result: AJ Lee wins and retains as Diva's Champion


  • Well this is a mess that ended with AJ Lee winning when she submitted Naomi.


Mean Gene is in the back with Hogan when Piper and Orndorff enter the scene and exchanges words with Hogan at the first Mania.

Mr. T comes in to back up Hogan as Piper and Orndorff start to get worked up.

Patterson enters and tells them it has been thirty years so they need to let it go.

They all shake hands.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match (No DQ): Randy Orton (c) vs Daniel Bryan vs Batista



  • Bryan opens up with a running dropkick to Orton and then he sends Batista to the outside.  Bryan with some kicks but Orton goes after the shoulder and then sends Bryan to the outside, but he turns around right into a Batista slam.  Batista with some clothesline but Orton counters the last one with a backbreaker.  Batistia then sends Orton to the outside when he recovers.
  • Batistia with an apron spinbuster and then he puts Orton into the announce table and the barrier.  Orton tries to fight out but Batista puts him into the steps.  Batista tries to follows up but Orton back drops Batista onto the steps.
  • Orton turns his attention to Bryan and hits a suplex on the barricade before going back to Batista and giving him a suplex on the barricade.  Orton strikes a quick pose on the steps.  Orton tosses Batista to the inside and covers him up for two.  Orton goes to work with some stomps and a knee drop for another two count..
  • Bryan gets back into the action and starts kicking both men.  He gets the final headkick on Batista but Orton counters the one to him with a t-bone suplex.  Batista breaks the cover but Bryan comes out on top as he hits repeated running dropkicks to both men.  Bryan with the cover on Batista but Orton breaks it and then sends Bryan to the outside.
  • Orton with a superplex to Batista and Bryan comes flying out of nowhere with a flying headbutt to Orton and then he locks in the YES! Lock.  HHH and Stephanie come out from the crowd and HHH drags the ref out of the ring.  Bryan stares down HHH and Batista takes advatange with a spinbuster.  HHH brings out Scott Armstrong.  Batista Bomb gets a two count.  HHH and Steph are upset that Armstrong didn't give a fast count.
  • Batista charges and Bryan sends him into the post.  Armstrong goes to mess with Bryan, so Bryan kicks him which sends him to the outside.  Bryan then hits a suicide dive to Armstrong, HHH, and Stephanie all at once.  HHH goes for the sledge but Bryan kicks him and gains control of it.  BRYAN NAILS HHH WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!
  • Bryan goes for the roll up on Batista as the other ref comes to but Orton makes the save.  He puts Bryan into the barrcade and then whips Bryan into a Batista clothesline.  Batista and Orton are working together now against Bryan.  Batista with a face buster to the barricade.  Orton then hits Bryan with the steps.
  • Batista and Orton disassemble both the English and Spanish Announcing Tables.  Bryan tries to get to his feet but Batista nails him with a tv and props him up on the table.  Batista hits a release Batista Bomb into an Orton RKO through the Spanish Announce Table!!!! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!!!
  • Daniel Bryan chants emerge as the medics are checking on Bryan.  The medics are putting a neck brace on Bryan and go to check on Orton but Batista attack him.  Batista puts Orton into the barricade and the post.  They put Bryan on the board as Batista continues his assault.
  • Orton finally starts a comeback and hits a draping DDT off the apron.  As he does that Bryan fights off the medics as they are wheeling up the ramp.  Orton then pounces by putting him into the steps and tossing him into the ring.  Orton goes for the RKO but Bryan locks in the YES! Lock!!  Batista breaks it.
  • Orton and Batista struggling now and Orton hits the RKO!  Batista kicks out at two!
  • Orton charges in again but Bryan comes out of nowhere and hits the Busaiku Knee to Orton!  Batista sends Bryan to the outside and covers him up himself but Orton kicks out at two.  Batista with the Batista Bomb to Orton but then Bryan hits the Busaiku Knee and locks in the Yes! Lock!  BATISTA TAPS!!!!


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