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Eva Marie's Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Eva Marie and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about one of WWE's "Total Divas". Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Looks - This was a mixed bag, but enough of you said she was a stunning woman to make it to the #1 spot.
  2. Nothing - "No", "...", and "are you serious?" were all over the comments today for Eva's love section. Such an outright refusal to say anything nice!
  3. Hair - It makes her stand out, so not a bad thing. We rip on wrestlers for being painfully dull or boring, so at least she has this going for her.
  4. Total Diva - I haven't seen the show, but some of you said she was meant for that show with the character she portrays and her family interaction.


What you loathed:

  1. In-Ring - I'm going to skip "everything" because there were a bunch and go with this for the #1 pick. We haven't seen her wrestle a ton, but the sample size has been horrific. She needs to venture to NXT for awhile for some serious training.
  2. On TV - So many grumpy Paige and Bayley fans do not like Eva being on TV before those two. She's skipped over a lot of talented women that's for sure.
  3. Mic Work - THIS.
  4. Hair - Many of you don't like the blood red hair look. It's just too much, her natural hair color was fine.
  5. Title Shot - I only saw this once or twice, but she's getting a title shot at WrestleMania. Yeah I know, "Diva's division! Bla bla bla...", it's just the principle, it's not right!


I couldn't pick just two comments today, so here are some of the best:


"Love – One of my friends at work thinks she hot….same friend is a Yankees fan so his opinion is invalid."

Sandow's Superior:

"She is at the epicenter of suck,
her looks are just a product of luck,
she’s in the E’ just to make a quick buck,
The others should lock her in a truck,

Send her away to where the sun don’t shine,
bury her in the midst of a Cole mine,
take Cole along too and make a design,
let their crappy personalities intertwine."


"She can’t work. Like, I would rather watch Aksana and Cameron have a ten-hour goddamn Iron Man match that watch Eva Marie attempt one goddamn dropkick. I thought it was impossible for anyone to fuck up a kick worse than Summer Rae fucked up the alleged "enzuigiri" that one time, but nope, Eva’s dropkick takes the cake. It’s like watching a shark try to learn how to breathe air."

Grandmaster Flesh:

"Love – Nope. Loathe – Yep."

Klemson Krash:

"So is she a 1 for me? no. I’m too lazy to check what I clicked but I’m pretty sure it was round 2 or 2.5. Just because she is doing EXACTLY what she was brought in to do… And that is to get people talking. For better or worse, we are all suckers for doing what the WWE wants us to do."


"She's the opposite of my Jericho vote: The easiest 1 possible "

R Reg:

"She is absolutely stunning and is WWE’s Jessica Rabbit. She is already getting a good deal of heat whenever she is on TV, and she gets nuclear heat from the smarks online."

the satyr icon:

"I adore Eva Marie. There, I typed it."

Onto the poll! With 247 votes, Ms. Marie's average score is 1.8. Hit the music! Congrats Eva on being the third member of the Khali Club. For those who don't know, Great Khali is our lowest score ever (1.5), and he is also joined by Dixie Carter (1.7).

Thanks, Cagesiders! Taking a break tomorrow to enjoy WrestleMania Sunday, but we will be back Monday...GONG.

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