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(Video) Ultimate Warrior WWE Hall of Fame speech: I want to give one people never forget

It's going to be memorable no matter what.

In an interview with, as you can see above, Ultimate Warrior talks about his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame later on tonight (Sat., April 5, 2014) in New Orleans, Louisiana. And, yes, he wants to give a memorable induction speech:

"I want to give a speech the people never forget. I want to say things that are much more than just stories from the road and stuff. Because my career means more to me than that. Having had my career, this means so much more to me than just what I did in a wrestling ring and what I did in those arenas. I've lived so much more life outside of that, the arena of the world since then. One of my virtues is that I've always paid attention to what's going on in my life and the experiences I've had. I've always been introspective anyway, so I think about it all. I think about having those kind of experiences back then and being that just physical freak, and just explosive and energetic and being allowed to do that, and then later in life time goes by and you get older and there are some things you gotta sit down and you gotta reevaluate. You gotta say, 'okay, where did I go here? Where do I get my motivation? How can I be inspiring now? How can I do that?"

This one is going to be fun. You can follow along by clicking here.

Warrior talks about a lot more in the interview, including negotiating with WWE for upwards of two years to make his return. Vince McMahon apparently asked him to go in back at WrestleMania 26 but Warrior insisted the company changed its stance on him.

That included releasing a new DVD retrospective on his career casting it in a far more favorable light. To that end, he's got a point. After all, why would you induct someone the guy portrayed in the Self Destruction of Ultimate Warrior DVD into the Hall of Fame?

All is well now, though, and Linda McMahon will introduce him later on tonight before he gives what will hopefully be a speech we'll never forget.

Update: Here's a bit from his speech.

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