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Video: Triple H's training camp for Daniel Bryan and WrestleMania

The Cerebral Assassin has designed a strategic workout for a different kind of WrestleMania opponent.

WWE has released a video on their website and YouTube channel that profiles Triple H's training camp for his match(s) this Sunday at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans.

For one thing, the dude is in amazing condition for any human being, but especially for a 44 year old whose primary job is not to be an athlete anymore.

For another, the piece does a great job of weaving some "reality era" psychology into the kayfabe of the match:

My training camps have been intense and they've been designed for the opponent that I've had. For a few years, it was the 300 pound Undertaker, than it was the 310 pound Brock Lesnar. A lot of size, a lot of strength, a lot of power...I had to be a little bigger, a little heavier, a little stronger, a little more powerful. This year's camp was a little bit different. I don't have a 300 pound guy, I have a little sawed-off 185 pound guy. I have to be lighter and learner and faster than I've ever been before.

The Game ends the video by hitting the same basic talking points as his promo from Monday night on Raw, but I do like the added flourish of saying that Batista is "quite honestly cashing checks off past glory".

What do you think Cagesiders? Effective piece, or more ego-stroking for The Authority head? And does it do anything to change your pick(s) for Sunday night?

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