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WrestleMania 30 live stream fears rising with MLB.TV issues

Uh oh.

Over at Deadspin, an article was posted today that is sure to strike fear in the hearts of every fan hoping to watch WrestleMania 30 this Sun., April 6, 2014, on the WWE Network. In it, Timothy Burke breaks down a number of the issues the service has been experiencing over the past week, including repeated outages and problems viewing content across a number of devices.

What does that have to do with WWE?

Remember, the Network is run by the same company that runs MLB.TV, MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM). And if there are issues with a service that isn't seeing nearly the traffic WWE will bring with WrestleMania 30, that's sure to kill any confidence anyone had going in.

If there was any left, this should sufficiently kill the rest:

An individual who spent several years working for MLBAM reports several former employees are now working in the organization's new umpire's replay review wing, which may explain a lack of resources for fixing the online streaming issue.

This does not mean WWE will be lacking resources for dealing with its live stream, but problems have been reported already today and the company still hasn't run a large scale show to test capability. For its part, WWE is promising everything will run smoothly and there's nothing to worry about, but there's plenty of reason to believe all will not be well come Sunday night.

Here's to hoping there are no major outages so everyone can enjoy the show as it happens, no matter how they try to watch it.

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