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The #InternetWrestlingWriting Round-Up, 4/21 - 4/27 - Entertaining evil, Ho-KOGAN and Daniel Bryan

Every Monday we give you a glimpse of the best #InternetWrestlingWriting from the week that was. This week it's the best things the worst people in wrestling have ever done, some wonderful work on Warrior and finding a friend in Daniel Bryan.

We're here to give you an eclectic mix of #InternetWrestlingWriting from here at our beloved Cageside Seats, long-form pieces from unlikely sources and the most recent work from some of the best people writing about wrestling on the internet.

Remember, we're a community, so if you have a piece you think we missed, leave it in the comments. Try to refrain from shameless self-promotion -- a promise your correspondent will be keeping strictly, no matter how good he thinks that 4,000 word piece on HHH he wrote is -- and if you don't have anything good to say about a piece we posted, try to be nice about it.

Other than that, enjoy what we hope will become a weekly celebration of the best pro graps poetry, prose and (eventually pictures) out there.

Cageside Seats

That GrecoRomanGuy gets a double dip this week, with a look at the most entertainingly evil things in WWE history and a continuation of his Art of the Finish(er) series, this time on submissions.

Hollywood J Blaq is back with a What-If on the downfall of WCW.

And in celebration of the Ultimate Warrior's life and career, we have an annotated version of his Ho-KOGAN promo from WrestleMania VI from Nate Pickering and a #longread on the implosion of the latter half of his WWF career by Keith Harris.

Everywhere Else on the Internet

What's the financial future of domestic WWE PPVs? What Culture/Indeed Wrestling's Chris Harrington does the math so you don't have to. Seriously, he LOVES doing math. Even when it's on the depressing reality of death rates for WWE PPV performers.

That is, of course, a follow-up on FiveThirtyEight's two-part series regarding the very same issues. (Part 1) (Part 2)

But, don't worry Cagesiders, there's still joy to be had in wrestling. Even if it's as simple as finding a friend in Daniel Bryan.

And if that doesn't make you feel better, maybe this wonderful retrospective from Wrestle Enigma on WWE's 2013 -- the final part of an on-going series looking at every year since 1985 -- will do the trick.

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