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Cageside Evaluation: The Power Bomb

The move is The Power Bomb and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about it. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. High Impact - It's made to look like no one will get up when done correctly. Vader or Brock Lesnar's version looked just so very painful.
  2. Variations - So many styles can be used: jack-knife, double, sit-out, off the top turnbuckle, into a turnbuckle; the list just goes on and on.
  3. Looks Good - It just looks good as the opponent goes up, there is a slight pause, and bam down he goes! Also has a nice "out of nowhere" appeal where an opponent can be caught in mid-air only to find themselves laid out instantly.
  4. Personal Favorite - Many of you mentioned it's one of your favorite moves ever. Plenty admitted to doing it as a kid, or even just yesterday. Stop trying this at home, Cagesiders!
  5. Safe - Assuming everything goes right, the power bomb has a simple flow to it, and when applied properly the opponent lands flat on their back.

My favorite comment goes to BIGPALE:

"When protected as a legit finisher, it is a devastating and painful looking end-game move. It’s also very versatile in how it is done. Tall muscular guys like Sid, Diesel and Taker made it look like murder from 10 feet up. Big monsters like Vader made it look like it would drive a guy through the mat. Then there’s all the different ways to execute the move: there’s the sit down type, the (very dangerous) running type, the jackknife drop and the wedgie bomb. There’s so many ways to hit such a simple move in concept."


What you loathed:

  1. Non-Finisher Status - There was a time when a power bomb meant the match was ending. Now? Not so much. It's used too often and people recover far quicker, thus hurting the true devastation of this classic finisher.
  2. Botched - The power bomb looks horrible when it isn't performed properly. Forget that it looks sloppy, the seller tends to land on their head, neck, or very awkwardly if it's messed up. To that end, it's dangerous, and no one wants to see anyone get legitimately injured.
  3. Small Guy Bombs - Not to hate, but some moves should be reserved for big guys. The power bomb loses it's appeal a bit when small wrestlers are busting it out mid-match.
  4. Don't Do It - It's not just the undersized, but guys in skinny jeans (Batista), and weaker big guys (Nash in WCW) should refrain. Also be careful power bombing a giant. They are called giants for a reason.
  5. Group Powerbombs - I think this only came up once or twice, but these do look silly when used on smaller opponents. Doing it to Big Show, Mark Henry, or Great Khali? Sure. Anyone smaller? Keep it to one guy.

My favorite comment comes via Duke Phillips:

"This is more of a loathe for all used-to-be-finishers and finishers in general these days: they have all lost their impact. Back in the day, if Jake the Snake did a DDT, you were finished. Over. You were not getting up. That’s what made, to me at least, events such as Undertaker sitting up from Yokozuna’s banzai drop so effective. No one got up from that, and he did. Nowadays, finishers such as the power bomb are done halfway through a match and everyone’s back on their feet a few seconds later. I’m of the school that says 'finishers should finish,' but that’s more down to me being a grumpy old man than anything else."

On to the poll! With 242 votes, The Power Bomb's average score is 4.2

Thanks, Cagesiders! Had a lot of fun today! I'll be mixing in wrestling moves each week. Tomorrow's pick is a class act.

Until then!

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