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Hi, My Name is: Week in Review

Let's take a look back at all the Cageside Evaluations you fine readers have delivered in the past week in "Hi, My Name is", including a look at the likes of Booker T, Luke Harper, Eric Young, Layla, X-Pac, and Tommy Dreamer.

This week we start out with another round of ReverendKain vs. Yourroleandyou, so lets check out some of their scores.

  • Emma - Rev (4) and Your (3.5) - Still feeling okay with that 4, Rev? Interesting that both gave Trish Stratus a 4.
  • Jeff Hardy - Both of you gave a 4 here, must have been a good day for you guys.
  • Eva Marie - You each gave her a 1, which is (obviously) the lowest grade given to anyone in the past 5 weeks.
  • Mankind - Your (5) and Rev (4), this is the only wrestler you guys scored a full point difference. So this is a good place to debate your stances.

Everything else was graded the same or .5 apart, so we'll stop here, thanks guys as always!


4/14/14 - Booker T (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 4

Best comments by: Boxingnut4324 and AndeeMarshall

4/15/14 - Luke Harper (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.9

Best comments by: MMAtylander and BrassCitySaint

4/16/14 - Eric Young (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.8

Best comments by: TJ_UK and *Asterisk*

4/17/14 - Layla (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.6

Best comments by: The Notorious Eddie Mac and Ambival-Ant

4/18/14 - X-Pac (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 2.6

Best comments by: nocareever and Nate Pickering

4/19/14 - Tommy Dreamer (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.7

Best comments by: machomanager and Data


Most Rec (with .gif or picture) comment: RJ2 (Layla Gif) - 23 Recs

Most Rec comment: TJ_UK (Full Comment on Eric Young Here) - 15 Recs

"I love EY. Is he the best technical wrestler in the world? He’s pretty good but he’s far from great. Is he the best on the mic? Again he’s good but he’s not even close to be one of the greatest. Is he entertaining as hell? Definitely. He’s just really likable and fun to watch. It takes something to turn all the potentially awful (and often just bad) angles into something watchable but EY managed it a lot."


If you see anything in the previous posts that you want to further discuss or that wasn't discussed at all, please leave them in the comments below, so more people will see and respond to them.

Thanks, Cagesiders, see ya next week.

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