Golf. India. Foxtrot. Sierra. GIFS. – Useful Shield GIFS

The Shield, consisting of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins, are awesome. I know it’s controversial but I’m going to be the first person on the Internet to be man enough to say this:

I love The Shield.

Seriously, though, is there actually anyone left who doesn’t get why the Shield are amazing? They are excellent individual wrestlers, work brilliantly as a team, and are, quite simply, entertaining to watch on television.

However, many fear that April 6, 2014, the date of WrestleMania 30 and their match with Kane and the New Age Outlaws, will see the end of one of the greatest stables of the last decade (if not of all time). To celebrate how awesome they’ve been, and hopefully will continue to be, here are five useful gifs for each member of my favorite group in wrestling.

Why five, I hear you ask? ‘Cause Big E. demands it.

Dean Ambrose

1) The Classic

When to use it: When "Nope" is the best response.

2) The What?

When to use it: Someone confuses you with their post. For example "I don’t get why people love the Shield so much."

3) The See Ya

When to use it: You’re abandoning a thread.

4) The I’m Shocked

When to use it: You’re Shocked by a post or some news.

5) The Smug

When to use it: The General liked your last useful gifs fanpost.

Roman Reigns

1) Angry Roman

When to use it: You’re angry about WWE booking.

2) NO!

When to use it: You really disagree with someone’s opinion.

3) Smirk-y Roman

When to use it: You’ve been amused.

4) SPEAR!!!!

When to use it: It’s announced Rey is out injured. Should get a lot of use out of this one.

5) ‘Cause I’m worth it

When to use it: When complimenting Roman’s hair.

Seth Rollins

1) Public Service Announcement

When to use it: You’re informing someone of the obvious.

2) Thinking

When to use it: You’re contemplating whether WWE will handle the Shield’s booking correctly post break up.

3) Perfection

When to use it: Something has gone wonderfully right.

4) WOW!

When to use it: Someone doesn’t believe Seth Rollins is pure awesome.

5) Troll face

When to use it: Another "Needs no excuse gif". It’s just brilliant.

So that was 15 useful gifs featuring the awesome Shield but naturally I missed some great ones and ones featuring the trio together so feel free to add your own in the comments.

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