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Trish Stratus' Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Trish Stratus and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the Hall of Famer. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. In-Ring - One of the better workers in the women's division. She improved dramatically as well, which is a testament to her passion and work ethic for the business. Solid move-set.
  2. Looks - Gorgeous. Stunning. Amazing. So on and so forth.
  3. Charisma - Something she had right from the start was her ability to connect. She was decent on the mic right from the beginning and only got better. Got a great crowd reaction not long into her career.
  4. Feuds - Two in particular were with Lita and Mickie James. Lita become her longtime rival which WWE had no problem going back to time and time again. Then she had possibly the greatest women's storyline ever when James became her obsessed fan. To top it off, her match with Mickie is considered the best women's WrestleMania match ever.
  5. Heel - Towards the end of her career Trish finally went heel, and she was surprisingly awesome at it! Her time with Christian, and then as Women's Champion, were fantastic. I always like that bow and "thank you" she would do as a taunt.  

My favorite comment goes to The Unmasked Superstar:

"She’s the kind of "Diva" the WWE wishes they had today. She was hot (which seems to be the main criterion now), BUT she could work, she had charisma and she could cut a promo. She was also at the top of the mountain when they had the most talented women’s roster ever (Lita, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Ivory, Victoria, etc.)."


What you loathed:

  1. Early Storylines - They ranged from over the top to downright awful. Being Bubba Ray's obsession to put through a table, okay, whatever. The valet of "T&A" was also crap. Then there was everything she was forced to do with Vince McMahon, and while Trish said she was okay with everything, it was beyond awkward nonetheless.
  2. Not on TV - You miss Trish very much. Not only is she not on TV, she really isn't doing anything with WWE right now. Maybe someday we'll get another Trish comeback.
  3. 2011 Comeback - This is partly why she should come back. She got roped into working some lame match with Snooki at WrestleMania.

My favorite comment (due to being so random and confusing) goes to thehobodownthestreet:

"Loathe: Her lack of neck."

On to the poll! With 207 votes, Trish Stratus' average score is 4.6. Great marks and the new highest score for a woman jumping above AJ Lee!

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick might show up.

Until then!

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