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Slapstick Saturday: CM Punk injuries win spot in the hall of pain

Welcome to another edition of "Slapstick Saturday," Cagesiders, where your old pal Hulk Holland pokes fun at every botch, blooper and bomb the world of professional wrestling has ever given us.


So it looks like we have a new wrinkle in the CM Punk saga.

Hardcore legend Mick Foley came forward this week to let fans know they shouldn't be so quick to poo-poo on the Punkster, who took his proverbial ball and went home earlier this year. Was it because he was asked to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania 30?

Or because Daniel Bryan was shelved in favor of Randy Orton and Batista?

While the answer may be "both," it also appears that Punk was in "considerable pain" on a daily basis. Since he's not going to be popping painkillers and drowning himself in booze, the preferred method of self-medication in bygone eras, he had no choice but to up and bail.

It's easy to see why.

Punk was a regular contributor to our Slapstick Saturday column and this time, he's on the receiving end. Why is he so banged up? Well, having a 300-pound man pick you up and slam you on your head with all his might could have something to do with it.


But not every botch is the fault of the performers. Sometimes the props go into business for themselves, particularly the announce table (just ask Randy Orton). Not even the mighty Rock could have stopped this one, which took place at one of the biggest shows of the year.

It also doesn't help when guys like The Miz pick you up and drop you on your head.

Performers who work the pro wrestling circuit for as long as CM Punk are going to be injured, there's just no way around it. Then you add in all the botches, bloopers, and bombs, and you can understand why most of these guys are always in pain.

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