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WWE telling past and current employees to stay away from Nancy Grace

That's the word from TMZ, following the ambush of Diamond Dallas Page on Grace's show about Ultimate Warrior's death.

The controversial HLN host became a target for wrestling professionals and fans alike when her show about the death of WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior focused on the deaths of numerous wrestlers while insinuating that the passing of Warrior and others were tied to steroid and other drug abuse.

Her bait and switch tactics even caught WCW and WWE legend Diamond Dallas Page in her sensational scheme for ratings over quality journalism.  This lead to DDP issuing a statement that he would not have participated in the show if Grace and her producers had been honest with him about the topic and their approach to it.

Always public relations conscious, and never moreso than surrounding issues of steroid culture and the unnatural deaths of their current or past employees, WWE has apparently made it clear to anyone affiliated with the Stamford, CT-based sports entertainment giant that they should not appear on Grace's show.  According to TMZ, an unwritten edict has gone out that anyone hoping to maintain a working relationship with the world's biggest pro wrestling concern has to stay away from Nancy Grace to do so.

While Grace raised real issues of concern for many performers and fans, the underhanded way she approached it undermined any value she could have added to the conversation.  And now WWE is wisely protecting themselves from her brand of journalism, eliminating any chance that she could bring them into a meaningful dialogue on the subject of steroids and their impact on wrestlers' health.

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