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Layla's Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Layla and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former Diva's Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Looks - Stunning face, eyes, smile, and hair. Very shapely for a Diva, which is never a bad thing. Easy #1 choice here.
  2. Heel Work - Her time as a heel was the best. The peak was working with Michelle McCool, also known as "Laycool." They were a nice wrinkle to the division, something different.
  3. Accent - Who doesn't like a nice accent?
  4. Longevity - She has been in the WWE since 2006, which is always impressive considered the turnover rate for women wrestlers.
  5. Curly Hair - When she debuted, she had those crazy curls! They didn't last though, unfortunately.

Best comment goes to The Notorious Eddie Mac:

"Things I love: She smells like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And she's hot."


What you loathed:

  1. Laycool - For all that liked this duo, just as many did not, partly for being co-holders of a singles' title, which didn't make much sense. Your main gripe was the whole "Piggy" James angle that was beyond stupid.
  2. Forgettable - She was gone for about four months, and some of you hardly noticed she ever left. Not totally her fault as Creative hasn't used her for much until her recent pairing with Fandango.
  3. In-Ring - Pretty average in the ring, and her singles' work has never been great. I honestly couldn't tell you her best singles' match. Could you, Cagesiders?
  4. Face Work - I saw "bland" a few times when describing her time as a face. She's basically smiled and did silly dances. Hmm, who's that sound like? I kid, I kid...

My favorite comment comes from Ambival-Ant:

"Loathe: Bland face character, bad wrestler voice (it’s 'weak' and kinda raspy), and that she gave The Miz a lap dance (even if it lead to a joke, unforgivable)."

On to the poll! With 184 votes, Layla's average poll score is 3.6.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick is good and bad.

Until then!

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