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WWE Main Event results, live blog for April 15, 2014: Jack Swagger vs. Big Show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Tues., April 15, 2014) episode of WWE "Main Event" from Nashville, Tennessee, featuring Big Show vs. Jack Swagger.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Tues., April 15, 2014) from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, and we'll have complete results and a live blog for the show right when it kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on the WWE Network.

Tonight's show will feature Big Show vs. Jack Swagger in what amounts to the least relevant match-up since the show went exclusive to the Network.

Be sure to come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the Main Event live blog.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live!

Los Matadores vs. 3MB

Well, this is one way to start the show. Gone are the days when Main Event opened with the main event. The benefits of being on the WWE Network instead of ION, I suppose, just without the $14 million that came with it.

Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre were the two representing 3MB, by the way. Mahal actually came out with a mic and asked the people if they really wanted to see the match. "We think El Torito is a bunch of bull!"

Good one, Jinder!

He says that for tonight they're "2-and-a-half MB" and out comes Hornswoggle dressed like a member of the band, clad in leather and playing an air guitar, throwing up the devil horns, and having way too much fun with his pudge hanging out.

The announcers bring up the angle they ran at the Hall of Fame ceremony, so it's possible they're going to run with a program between El Torito and Hornswoggle. We'll see.

Hornswoggle interfered in the match at one point and immediately they had the two little people brawling. It ended up in the ring and the referee called for the bell. Los Matadores and 3MB tried to break them up but everyone ended up getting hit in the nuts one way or another.

The crowd was dead for this until El Torito and Hornswoggle were the only two left in the ring for a stand off. They played up more comedy until El Torito got the advantage.

This was beyond stupid.


Sin Cara vs. Bad News Barrett

Barrett had a microphone with him when he walked out. His bad news was to tell Sin Cara that he's about to step into the ring with the next Intercontinental champion and Scooby Doo can't help him because this is real life and not a cartoon. Barrett can confirm, however, that Sin Cara is still a joke.

No argument here.

Barrett did something awesome after beating on Sin Cara for a few minutes. He started that awful "Baaaad News" chant but after it caught on with a few people, he yelled at them to shut up.

Sin Cara get the upper hand thanks to this but Barrett hit the Winds of Change followed by the Bullhammer for the pin.


Divas Battle Royal

This will determine the number one contender to the Divas title at Extreme Rules. So AJ Lee doesn't get an immediate rematch, I guess.

Participants, all of whom got entrances:

- Nikki Bella
- Cameron
- Naomi
- Emma
- Tamina Snuka
- Alicia Fox
- Aksana
- Eva Marie
- Layla
- Natalya

Missing from the mix: Lana, AJ, Brie Bella

Early on, Eva Marie slapped Layla on the ass, then bumped her with her own ass, and then promptly got eliminated. Awful. Emma worked the Dilemma and Nikki dropkicked Aksana while she was in it. Nikki proceeded to eliminate both shortly thereafter.

Layla tried a springboard cross body off the ropes on Natalya and missed completely. Natalya just rolled her out of the ring. This has been shockingly bad.

Tamina tossed Naomi with ease. Cameron jumped Tamina for it but ended up tossed out herself.

Alicia Fox and Nikki were eliminated by Tamina. Then she superkicked Natalya out to win the match. She'll challenge Paige for the title at Extreme Rules.


Jack Swagger vs. Big Show

Before the match, Zeb Colter got on the mic. Swagger was holding up a sign that said "I don't miss the Swiss". Colter talked about Cesaro being a traitor. Zeb turned it around and said thanks to Cesaro because what he did validated everything Colter has been saying for so long now about illegal immigrants sneaking across the border.

He put down Paul Heyman then said Swagger will correct Show's problem, that of "American laziness". Swagger turned his sign over and it read "Deport Cesaro".

I laughed at that.

I ended up missing this match but Show went over with the KO Punch.


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