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The S3: The final Smark's Shoot Standings of 2013-2014 season

Fifty-two weeks (plus one WrestleMania) have passed, and it's time to reveal the winners of our weekly fan vote on the best pro wrestling performances on television.

YOU voted every Sunday for 52 weeks (plus one Monday for WrestleMania).  I counted and compiled.  Here are the results.

Number one hasn't been in any doubt for quite some time, and Daniel Bryan closed out his epic year with wins in each of the final two polls to come pretty darn close to finishing with twice as many points as our second place performer.  And imagine if Bobby Roode was on WWE television two or three times a week!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Before I provide some analysis on the top guys and gals, here's the full, final, official Smark's Shoot Standings for 2013 - 2014:



I don't have the bandwidth to do line charts and everything I did last year, but if somebody wants the spreadsheet, let me know.  I will provide a few additional numbers and some thoughts on our top finishers, though.

1) Daniel Bryan

Had a two month streak in May and June where he finished first or second for eight straight weeks and never looked back.  Appeared in 77% of the weekly Standings with an average finish of higher slightly higher than third place.

Looking back over the last twelve months, I don't think there's any doubt that he was both the "smark" favorite and the best performer.

2) Bobby Roode

He toils away for the #2 promotion and for the most part wasn't even involved in their main storylines, but when it comes time to vote, he consistently represents TNA.  This is his second straight year as the highest ranking non-WWE roster member, and it will be fun to see him defend his crown with online content joining the fray in 2014-15.

Despite never winning a week, he appeared in 58% of the weeks and averaged approximately a sixth place finish in those Standings.

3) Dean Ambrose

Doesn't seem to be getting as much buzz as his compatriots (or that he once did in the online conversation), but he still has diehard support among hardcore fans.  Ambrose was in line for a second place finish before The Shield got lost in the shuffle of the WrestleMania build.

Dean tied for the third most weekly wins, and appeared in just less than half of the Standings while averaging a little better than fifth place.

4) Antonio Cesaro

Survived a name change and teaming with Jack Swagger that resulted in his being absent from the rankings for months at a time in the summer and late fall/early winter, but came on strong at the end to end up in the top five.  Appeared in 35.8% of the weeks, but averaged a third or fourth place ranking in those weeks.

5) CM Punk

Pretty amazing that he took off the first and last couple of months of the year and still finished this high.  Kind of explains the fascination with his absence.  Showed up in 43% of all weeks (and a much higher percentage of weeks he was eligible for by appearing on television), with a middle of the pack fifth or sixth place average finish.

6) Seth Rollins

Indy darling Rollins was the last Hound to win a week, but he impressed plenty and appeared in as many weeks as Roman Reigns.  He also averaged a slightly better finish than the muscle of The Shield at a little better than fifth.

7) Bray Wyatt

Didn't appear until July, but won the first week he was eligible for, which is kind of like hitting a home run in your first major league at-bat, I think.  Only won one more week after that, but ended up averaging almost a fourth place finish in the 38% of Standings in which he showed up.

8) Roman Reigns

Lead his trio (and was second overall) with four first place finishes, while still finishing third of the group in total points.  So, his highs are higher, but the baseline isn't as impressive?  His name was in the same 41% of Standings as Rollins, but he on the other side of the fourth/fifth place divide.

9) AJ Lee

Rivaled her former kayfabe boyfriend by appearing in 72% of the weekly top tens, but despite being Divas champ for almost the whole year, never one a week and was usually around an 8th place finish.  It pays to have a Cagesider as the president of your fan club...

10) Paul Heyman

Wasn't around that much and rarely got physical, but the silver-tongued advocate finished between third or fourth in the 26% of the weeks where he made the cut, and was certainly the highest rated non-wrestler by a wide margin.

A man we allege to hate almost cracked the top ten as John Cena hustled his way up The Standings this year.  Holding one or two of WWE's main belts didn't get The Viper higher than 13th, but he did average almost a third place finish when he showed up.

Damien Sandow and Fandango were on track for good years until the fall, when the wheels fell off for both men and they largely disappeared from the voting results.  And old man Goldust was tied for the third most weekly wins, but wasn't around or prominent enough to sniff the top ten.


Questions? Comments?

There's still time to make your voice heard in our poll to predict the third season winner from among the young guns poised for a big 2014 - 15 season.  And get ready for a slightly new voting format and more qualifying performers in the coming year with the results of our survey on those matters from a few weeks back.

See you on Sunday for Season Three of The S3!

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