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Which pro wrestler will have the best year from WrestleMania 30 to WrestleMania 31?

YOUR Standings wants to know - who do YOU think will have the best year in 2014 - 2015?

For the past two years, Cagesiders have voted in a weekly feature we call the Smark's Shoot Standings, or S3 for short. The goal has been to determine who we as a community believe "won" the previous week with the best performance of nationally televised pro wrestling.

As we get ready to reveal the results and analysis from our second year, covering the 2013 - 14 "season" from WrestleMania 29 through WrestleMania 30, I thought it would be fun to put on our psychic hats and try to predict who we think will win the year's worth of voting we'll start this upcoming Sunday.

Our first two years have featured a runaway winner, followed by a couple of groupings of guys (and one girl) who have performed better than the pack. WIll this year's winner blow away the competition, or will we see a more competitive race? Can the man who now holds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship become our first repear winner, or will one of the young guns who made up those secondary groupings in 13-14 take the reins?

I've included a list of the likeliest suspects in poll form below. There's also an "other" option; please login and give us a comment as to who from the field you think will emerge as an internet darling in the coming twelve months. And even if you vote for one of the poll choices, comment anyway to make your case!

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