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TNA Impact preview (Apr. 10, 2014): Return of the queen

Live with a ten man gauntlet to determine the #1 contender! The tag belts on the line in Bro-Mans vs. Wolves! Some Knockouts action! And...the return of Dixie Carter. Join as we break down the not all bad of Impact Wrestling.

TNA Impact Wrestling

Previously on Impact Wrestling

Just a week after I made a joke about TNA always starting with lots of talking, they start with wrestling. Damn you, Christy Hemme!

Willow and Bully Ray former team "are we supposed to be babyfaces" and squared off against Ethan Carter III and Bobby Roode in a tables match. But Jeff Hardy's subconcious couldn't resist the temptation to assault Rockstar Spud, and he left his partner alone to be smashed through some composite wood.

The man in charge of Wrestling Operations, Montel Vontavious Porter, was supposed to book a match for the returning Kenny King, but he totally forgot. The King of the Night was not pleased, and even barged in on the first of X-Division champ Sanada and Tigre Uno's best two-out-of-three falls series (Sanada eventually won). That got King his match - against MVP! The two would brawl to a no contest and continue fighting backstage...feud on!

The Samuel Shaw character is becoming a more all-around creep, as opposed to the straight-up sexual stalker he was on his debut. He denied Mr. Anderson and the audiences claims that he's a creepy bastard, stating that his is an artist. He then put the "ordinary" asshole in a straightjacket, because pro wrestling.

New Knockout Brittany convinced Madison Rayne she could help her take on the reformed Beautiful People, but tagging herself in got her pinned by Velvet Sky, so...back to finishing school, lady. Maybe she can help Knux repair all the damage from the flood, because that's gonna keep him busy for a few days.

The big angle of the night ended up being about the romance between TNA World champion Magnus and his bodyguard Abyss. Although it was hard for the traditionally reserved Brit to express his feeling, he did profess his love for the misunderstood monster. And that was enough to keep Abyss on his side, or at least confuse the masked man long enough for the champ to follow-up a Black Hole Slam on Eric Young with a flying elbow and retain his title in a four corners match that also involved his running nemesis Samoa Joe.


Universal Studios! LIVE!

The head of Wrestling Operations has announced a ten man gauntlet to determine the new #1 contender to the TNA World title, and this match will start right at 9PM Eastern tonight on Spike TV! Names dropped so far include Bobby Lashley, Bully Ray, Gunner, EC3, James Storm and Bobby Roode. Hardly seems like the most fair way to decide who gets a title shot at Sarifice, but what do I know? I've never been in charge of Wrestling Operations.

It's #1 contender-palooza on Impact tonight, as TNA is also promising to decide who will next challenge for Madison Rayne's Knockouts title tonight. I wonder if it will be one of those two heel ladies that just beat her up...

The Wolves and The Bro-Mans continue their rivalry when they duel for tag titles currently held by Robbie E and Jessie Godderz.

And some Carter lady returns. I can't place the she related to Ethan?

Expect to pop for:

Kenny King. A guy who moonlights as a Chippendales dancer should be able to get over somewhere in pro wrestling. TNA may finally be setting Kenny King up for our best shot at finding out if he'll be the first to break the male stripper barrier in sports entertainment.

With their newfound emphasis on putting over younger guys (see: Shaw, Gunner), a program with MVP should produce decent matches, energetic promos and a credibility-infusing win for the younger man. He's been this close to taking the next step as a tag team player in Ring of Honor and as an X-Division player who couldn't quite get over the Austin Aries hump on Impact.

If Porter is truly still unsigned, he should work with at least one of TNA's fresher talents during his stint with the company. Heck, if they book this in a way that he comes out of it with some credibility, he could still do something with EC3 on his way out the door.

TNA isn't going to hit with all of their newer characters and wrestlers, but they need to try something with all of them ASAP. A handful of charismatic performers, and hopefully one big star, could really change their future.

The heat is on:

Bobby Lashley. This signing I don't know what to do with. I hope it was cheap. If you can't get over in a WrestleMania program with Vince McMahon and Donald Trump, you're not going to get over being named one of ten names in a gimmick match.

The mixed martial arts washout needs to be used the way Mr. Anderson is pronto - as a credibility boosting win for a young heel. Anything else and it doesn't really matter what they're paying him. It'll be too much.

Can the monthly live Impact generate some excitement, even if they've chosen to promote it with Dixie Carter's return?

Find out tonight, and do it with your fellow Cagesiders in our live blog!

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