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Sara Del Rey's Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Sara Del Rey and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the current NXT trainer. Here's the full evaluation.

Tabercil on Wikimedia Commons

What you guys loved:

  1. Best Ever - More specifically nearly all that commented felt she was the best female American wrestler ever. Looking at the lack of responses today, more of us (myself included) really need to check out her work.
  2. NXT Trainer - It's obviously tough to see her wrestle right now as she is training the next generation of women in the WWE. It's a brilliant move by the WWE to get her as a teacher, and is already paying off, have you seen...
  3. Summer Rae - Probably the best example of Sara's influence is Summer. She couldn't wrestle worth a damn coming into the company, now she is solid in the ring and one of the better heels.
  4. Looks - One Cagesider said it succinctly that she was built, but still looked feminine.
  5. Fights Anyone - Women or men, she takes on all challengers, even Sami R-...El Generico!

My favorite comment goes to Vidence:

"That she’s quite possibly the best female wrestler in American History. Just hugely talented at all aspects of in-ring work in both the physical and mental aspect of wrestling. And for those that don’t watch indy wrestling, her presence will still most definitely be felt now that she’s grooming the future of WWE’s women’s division. Her presence already has made itself known with the NXT women, most particularly with the massive improvement of Summer Rae. With Bayley, it doesn’t take much, as she was already a great wrestler on the indies, but she basically had to start from scratch with Summer and now she’s shown she’s actually capable of working in the ring. which is a huge credit to Del Rey, and means that if management lets it happen, there could truly be a bright future in women’s wrestling for WWE."


What you guys loathed:

  1. TV Time - She's finally in the WWE, but not on our TV at all, which makes us sad. It will be cool when NXT finally puts her in a storyline with one of her students...or against Mickie James!
  2. Mic - You guys felt the one major flaw in her game is mic work. Working mostly in the indies she hasn't had to talk as much, but when she did, you guys weren't blown away.

That was it for trends, but couple other things mentioned; ring gear (bland), character development, and too good for WWE Divas (matches could suck, due to the wide gap in talent).

My favorite comment belongs to obed1218:

"The fact that I never got to see her on my TV screen. That’s just a travesty. I get that her job at the moment is supremely important (training the NXT women), but I think she deserve one run in the spotlight. Also, she’s really not too good at promos."

Onto the poll! With 106 votes, Ms. Del Rey's average score is 4.3. Solid grade, she is the third highest woman behind AJ and Lita.

Thanks Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick is a living legend.

Until then!

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