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Sting WWE update: He may only work one match, possibly against Undertaker at WrestleMania 31

Well look what we have here.

Rumors are still flying around that Sting is extremely close to signing or has already signed a deal with WWE and the powers that be are discussing what to do with him creatively. We've heard he wasn't being made an immediate priority at first, then that he was close to crossing his t's and dotting his I's, then that he was watching programming to keep up to date, then that he was studying tapes of Undertaker's matches with Shawn Michaels.

All leading to ... well, we don't really know.

It's been incredibly frustrating to follow, of course, because this is pro wrestling and it's hard to know anything for certain. That goes double when you're dealing with the Stinger. You know, because the only thing that's for sure about Sting is nothing's for sure.


Anyway, now we at least have a report from the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but strongly recommended) giving an update on the situation.

Regarding Sting, there is a working idea that he does one WWE match and then retires, which everyone presumes at this point will be with Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara. Whether this is made clear at Mania itself, at Raw the next day, or at some point closer to the show is unclear. Right now the only thing confirmed is the idea is Sting will do one last match.

Sting has long maintained that his pro wrestling career won't feel complete unless he works a match with Undertaker. He's also said it would be a shame to retire before getting to work WrestleMania at least once.

This would take care of both bucket list items.

I argued not long ago that WWE should absolutely book a Sting vs. Undertaker retirement match, one Sting would obviously lose, but do so at SummerSlam in Los Angeles later this year. In a poll, quite a few of you agreed with the idea (37-percent) but there was still a large number of you (55-percent) who want to see these two have a match at WrestleMania.

The good news, at the very least, is there appears to be plenty of interest in a match between the two happening at some point, at any event.


Let's try another poll with a few new options.

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