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Slapstick Saturday: Roman Reigns gives himself an atomic drop and CM Punk mocks him for it

Roman Reigns might be the next big star, but that didn't stop him from making an arse of himself in Ireland.

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One lesson that every pro wrestler needs to learn: The ropes always work stiff.

And those skinny bastards have claimed the spots of many who dared to challenge them, including Alberto Del Rio, who kicked the bucket at Elimination Chamber. And let's not forget about Vladimir Kozlov, who watched in horror as the ropes no-sold his acrobatics on Monday Night RAW.

Not even the mighty Roman Reigns is safe.

The muscle of The Shield was making his grand entrance last year in Dublin, Ireland, and found out what happens when you try to clear the top rope without its permission. The result is a self-inflicted atomic drop that draws more than a few audible laughs from the ringside crowd.

And he sticks the landing!

But hey, no big deal. After all, The Shield went on to have an awesome match -- as usual -- and outside of few "hey remember when" conversations from fans in attendance, Reigns was pretty much in the clear. Right?


Recently-departed prankster CM Punk was not going to let him live it down and in a follow-up show, also in Ireland, gave the crowd a replay of the botch that time forgot.

Daniel Bryan's reaction. That is all.

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