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Video Playlist: WWE 'Slam City' cartoon debuts

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Have you always wanted to see Alberto Del Rio make coffee or John Cena change someone's oil? Monday, March 17th is your lucky day, friendo. WWE and Mattel's new cartoon, Slam City, debuts today and gives you all that and more.

Our own rumormonger, Eric B Stephen, brought you the news of back in November of last year, and today, you wait is over...WWE Slam City is here.

Designed to sell the repackaged line of toys formerly known as "Rumblers", the 26 episode series will be distributed online at and Cartoonium on YouTube, but will also be available in the U.S. on WWE Network, Hulu, PlayStation, Xbox, AOL On, Nintendo, Vudu, Google Play, Kabillion, and iTunes.

The Stamford, CT based company is touting the show as part of its new efforts to market to the youth demographic, alongside such efforts as the Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery, their Fruity Peebles/Flintstones partnership and in conjuction with their philanthrophic literacy and anti-bullying efforts. In addition to the toys, a Slam City mobile game and other products are forthcoming.

As for the show itself, it's kind of a cross between Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken and Marvel's The Super Hero Squad. Created-for-the-show villain The Finisher (who ends each of his heelish messages to the Superstars by stating his name) has fired all of your favorite wrestlers on behalf of Mr. McMahon, forcing them to get day jobs in Slam City.

I doubt it would hold up for much more than the couple of minutes each episode runs, but there's some fun to be had for fans of all ages in lunchladyperson Kane, or John Cena thanking you for coming to Greasy Lube. Alberto Del Rio as a barista at a Starbucks-ish coffee chain should probably get a chance to get over on Raw, and we haven't even met the promised theater usher Sheamus or zookeeper Randy Orton yet.

Check out this playlist of the teaser and first four episodes and let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

  1. WWE Slam City promotional teaser
  2. John Cena in Auto-tude Adjustment
  3. Alberto Del Rio in Alberto the Barista
  4. Kane in Cafeteria Chaos
  5. John Cena and The Big Show in A Big Brawl