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Virgil's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Virgil and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former Million Dollar Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

GabboT on Wikimedia Commons

What you loved:

Umm...well I guess this shouldn't be a surprise, but there weren't really any trends for this section. So I'll just list off some of the things you mentioned:

  • Went from tag team jobber to member of the nWo. Talk about a promotion!
  • Sparkly tux with ripped sleeves.
  • DiBiase's bodyguard - I guess it's the high point of his career? Two WrestleMania matches during this time.
  • Soul Train Jones - His earlier work in Memphis.
  • 2010 comeback and his short stint as Ted Dibiase Jr's manager.

Favorite comment goes to GorePolice - "Love: Shiny suits, had a mean looking face, the split from Ted DiBiase, was good in his bodyguard role, actually made a career out of being a rib of guys in the business"


What you loathed:

Again, trends weren't really a thing in today's evaluation.

  • Nobody wants his autograph - You all know the lonely Virgil pictures that are on the net.
  • You being trolled - I swear this is not a trolling, it was a request, honest!
  • Career of Ribs - Virgil was a rib on Dusty Rhodes, then he became Vincent, then Shane...
  • Racist Gimmick - Some of you felt his time as a servant/bodyguard to Ted DiBiase (rich white male gimmick) was not an appropriate character.

Favorite comment goes to BrassCitySaint - "Loathe: Am I being trolled?"

Last, but not least the poll! With 101 votes, Mr. Virgil's average score is 2.3.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow is recap day with updated poll scores and all the best comments!

Until then!

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