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Kofi Kingston's Royal Rumble saves aren't planned in advance

That's according to the man himself in a recent interview.

Reckless Dream Photography via Wikimedia Commons

By the time Kofi Kingston retires, he'll likely be known best for his various athletic feats of brilliance to save himself from elimination in the Royal Rumble match. He started the tradition in 2012 with a handstand, continued it in 2013 with a pogo stick style jump on a chair, and topped it all with a jump from the barricade to the ring apron in 2014.

Because he's made it a tradition, it's natural for fans to wonder how long he plans these in advance. The answer might surprise you (via

"The funny thing about it is that a lot of people think that I think about them year-round, and the past three years now, the idea hasn't come to me until like 12 hours before the event. I don't put any pressure on myself to come up with anything cool. I approach it like any other match. I don't know if I'd put one (escape) above another. Like I always say, the greatest trick of all would be to actually win."

We can be fairly certain he'll never win the Royal Rumble in his career, so we can reasonably expect this tradition to continue for at least a couple more years.

By the way, if we're ranking them, this writer would do so as follows:

1. Handstand
2. Barricade jump
3. Pogo chair

You Cagesiders want to help him out and give him an idea for next year?

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