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Video: Mick Foley's message to CM Punk regarding his exit from WWE

Some thoughts straight from the man(kind)'s mouth about what lead Punk to leave and what he'd like to see happen from here.

Joining the ranks of Legends like Jim Ross and Steve Austin, Mick Foley has released a video message concerning CM Punk leaving the WWE last week. That video, released via Mick's official YouTube channel, is embedded in this post.

Here are some highlights.

On hearing the news:

It's shocking. On the other hand, it does not surprise me. I know that he's been frustrated for quite some time. I've talked to him on many occasions about trying to look at the glass as half full. But when you wear a shirt that says 'The Best in the World' you're not...thinking about the things that are going well.

What lead to the frustration behind his leaving:

In my opinion, the sky should have been the limit for CM Punk, and it has not quite been. Because I agree there have been some decisions made regarding his direction that I don't agree with.

He was making a statement with his match against John Cena before last year's WrestleMania, and that statement was, 'you've got the wrong main event'.

Should Punk come back?

If I could talk to him, and I will, I would offer this: Just come back. If the rumors are true that he's supposed to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania...look at it as an opportunity to not only make a huge amount of money, but look at it as an opportunity to give people some of the pipe bombs we've been missing. Some of those promos were a little lacking the last few months, and I could tell his heart was not in it.

Triple H is a big game player. CM Punk is a big game player. Whether or not it's officially the main event, I love that part of Punk that decides he's going to steal every show.

Will he come back?

I knew that he was planning on leaving...I would tell him to take some time off, heal up and come back refreshed. And he would look at me and say 'Mick, I'm not you. Once I'm done, I'm done.'

He does everything 100% or not at all.

How should WWE handle Punk if he does return?

If I could give a word of advice to WWE, it would be if Punk comes back, take that writing team and scrap them when it comes to Punk.

More interesting stuff in the video, so check it out Cagesiders. Let us know where you agree or disagree with Mama Foley baby boy, and let's see if we can get Mankind a spell checker for his entrance graphics.

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