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WWE NXT ArRiVAL results, live match coverage tonight (Feb. 27)

Get complete results and live coverage of every match on tonight's (Feb. 27, 2014) WWE "NXT ArRIVAL" live event from Full Sail University in Florida, featuring Bo Dallas defending the NXT championship in the first ladder match in NXT history and much more!


WWE NXT ArRIVAL is all set to pop off tonight (Thurs., Feb. 27, 2014) from Full Sail Live, at 8 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT ArRIVAL below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Bo Dallas defending his NXT championship in a ladder match against Adrian Neville. Elsewhere, Paige puts her Womens title on the line against Emma, Sami Zayn gets one more shot at Cesaro, and more!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



Adrian Neville defeats Bo Dallas
Xavier Woods ??? Tyler Breeze
Paige defeats Emma
The Ascension defeats Too Cool
Mojo Rawley defeats CJ Parker
Cesaro defeats Sami Zayn



Hey now, it's Sean. You can mark out all you want, but put your snark away. Nobody want to see that $#!+...


Whew!  I made it through the day and onto the couch for this...and just in time for JBL to tell me that Cesaro vs Zayn is kicking us off!

The feud that brought you last year's match of the year is getting the WWE Production treatment and I've got goosebumps.  They should have included Antonio's Captain Kirk moment though.

Oh Hunter.  Were you worried you wouldn't get the credit for this?  But to answer your question, yes, yes I am ready.

And, we now have completely generic, Smackdown-esque theme music.  Oh well, you can't take my smile away from's HAPPY BEARD GUY!

No special treatment from the announce table, as we get one of the standard rotation teams of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and William Regal.  It's one of the better groupings, though, I suppose.  Really, as long as we have Regal.

Cesaro v Zayn IV

"Match of the Year" chants.  That's the good NXT-Zone, in case you're wondering.

Still no word on any two-out-of-three falls stip.  Good show of grappling, and Cesaro tries to bail but Sami has it scouted with a drop kick and a tope.

Cesaro catches a top rope splash into a backbreaker!  They're playing up how they know each other so well that they can't surprise each other.  The Swiss is now in control and is punishing Sami in and out of the ring.

He's trying to work the knee, but The Likeable One counters to pull him shoulder first into the ringpost.  Sami goes for the diving DDT through the ropes but Cesaro catches him with with a European!  And now he goes to town on the injured knee.

Regal points out that Cesaro is hooking the injured leg on pin attempts.  And that's why he's the best in the business, ladies and germs.

Zayn back with a heel kick to create some space.  But it doesn't last.  The Real American is getting cocky and punishing him with leg whips.  Cesaro ducks and enziguri and get put in a half-crab.  SZ makes the bottom rope.

Sami manages to kick the heel down to the floor, but when he goes for a senton, Cesaro catches him (tenuously) and drops him back first on the ramp!  Zayn makes it into the ring at the ref's count of seven.

Cesaro charges, but Zayn catches him and suplexes him into the turnbuckles!  Near fall.  Zayn with a sitout powerbomb!

Kicks to the bum leg, but Zayn with the Koji Clutch!  Cesaro powers out into a muffler stretch!  Sami sells so freaking well, I think I might throw in the towel for him by the time he reaches the bottom rope.

Swing attempt, but it's countered into a roll-up.  He then gets it for eight rotations.  Europeans, and a FACE STOMP for 2.99999.

Sami sets up for top rope hurricanrana, but Cesaro counters into what looked like the cross-arm powerbomb set-up from the top, but Zayn goes back to the super-rana!  Yakuza kick gets 2.9999 for the Syrian-Canadian.

Sickening Europeans, but Zayn WILL. NOT. STAY. DOWN.

Trading punches, and Zayn ducks in with a release German!  Roll-up! Neutralizer countered into a Sunset flip powerbomb!


SWISS DEATH!  But Zayn kicks out AT ONE!  He's Zayn-ing up!  And then he gets turned inside out with a European!  Neutralizer!  1 - 2 -3!

Kayfabe broken and a possible face turn all in one, as Cesaro hugs Sami afterwards and directs the crowd to cheer him.

Mojo Rawley promo.  And if that was different enough for you from the awesome bomb that just went off, here's the Moonchild.

But if there's anyone I'd like to see Mojo jump ass first into, it's Fucknuckle.

CJ Parker vs. Mojo Rawley

Energetic open leads to a big back drop and our first rest hold.  CJP powers out and corners Rawley with strikes, running him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle.

Parker yells "I thought you were hyped?" at his opponent, which might be the first thing he's done that I've enjoyed.

The comeback is a splash, some ass play and we're out.

Emma promo package.  I sure do wish they would stop calling my Women of NXT "Divas"...

Slow mo camera stuff on The Ascension squashing people.  It looks cool, but still doesn't explain anything.

Their new theme is an improvement, though.  It makes me want to squash some people in slow mo.

The Ascension vs. Too Cool

Well, it makes sense, since they couldn't job either champs to the other ones.

Sexay, who looks more like Dad than ever, dodges a Viktor splash.  But when he starts dancing, he gets caught, and the beatdown is on.

Viktor seems a little more fired up than usual, but in general, this is the usual Ascension match that I don't like.  I'm going to pretend that Scotty is Christopher Daniels for the remainder of the match.  That might help.

Scotty gets in with right hands for Konor and Viktor.  The roof, she is raised.  They're teasing The Worm, and we eventually get the whole set-up but Viktor grabs him by the belt and dumps him into the ropes.

Big clothesline sets of Fall of Man and Konor covers Scotty for the win.

Hype vid on the Women's champion takes us into...

Emma vs Paige II

Steph.  And no, you never did lose it Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley.  But stop calling them "Divas".


Paige, looking more Daffney-esque than ever.  Maybe her time off was for make-up application?

Oh good, cat fighting off the top.  Stiff kick and early Paige-turner attempt countered into a roll-up.  The champ counters a slingshot suplex into a roll-up of her own.

Paige with rest holds - Missus 1rude during close-ups "Wow, too much make-up...she has some unfortunate looking make-up."

The Anti-Diva counters the Emma sandwich, but the Aussie does get the slingshot suplex, but Paige rolls her up when she tries for the Emma Lock.

Paige with her knees to the head while her opponent is tied up in the ropes, but Emma sweeps her to the apron.  Dodge of a charge lets E slap on the Dil-Emma, and then the low crossbody connects.

Rest holds again with Emma stretching Paige out this time.  Phillips points out that Emma has her boots in the champ's kidneys - he's benefiting from working with Regal.

The raven-haired lady is getting whipped around by those tresses, and then some stomps in the corner lead to a nearfall.  Dueling on the apron, and Paige goes for a superplex, but it's countered into a powerbomb - that Emma carries from the corner to the middle of the ring!

The dancing lady is frustrated that she can't finish the pale lady off.  Fierce Emma, as they trade slaps and Paige levels E with a clothesline.  Paige-turner!  But Emma kicks out at 2!

Scorpion crosslock!  Paige picks her up out of it!  And Emma has to tap!

They brought it, and differently than how they did last time.  Kind of sad that we don't have an Emma-taining champ now, though.

More post-match hugging and respect.

Great video on Adrian Neville to hype the main event.

Xavier Woods is here with Brodus' music.  I wasn't the biggest fan of the 90s kid gimmick, but it's so much better than this.


Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze

And...I just lost the feed.  And...the loading bar appears to be stuck.

If I try fast forward or rewind on my Roku, I get an image of Breeze's cell phone and a status bar, but I can't move the stream.  Pressing play takes me back to a frozen "Loading, please wait" screen.

Sorry anyone looking for deets here.  I'm gonna try the browser feed.

I hear that Alexander Rusev ran in and killed people.

On the laptop, I'm back in business.  HBK is being a cray-cray, and getting an HBShizzle chant as he tries to introduce the main event.

Selling shirts and DVDs, more like HB-schill-zler, amirtie?

Neville has a Prodigy-sounding theme.  I think this is like his 400th theme song.

I know we've had our differences Full Sail, but you brought it tonight.  Hand drawn and colored Bo-cahantas sign for the win.

Laptop stream hiccuping and pixelizing a lot right now.  Who knows if I'll see the rest of this live.  Roku never came back.  Trying to refresh seems to lock up until I back out again.

Bo with the ground and pound, so at least we're starting out with good psychology.  Bo is such a fantastic d-bag.  He ties up Neville in the ropes upside down by one leg, and goes for a ladder.  Adrian frees himself and flings himself onto Bo on the floor.

Dallas counters to whip the Newcastle native into the steps, then ties him up by the arm in the ring skirt.  They're battling on the floor.  After a backdrop onto the ramp, Neville goes for the belt, but Bo throws a ladder into him while he's climbing another.  Dallas pins him under a ladder while he climbs, but Adrian tips it over to dump him into the ropes.

Neville is tipped over when he tries, as well, and sells much better than the champ.  Rough looking spot where Dallas pins AN in the corner on a ladder-first charge. Cool pop out of a flapjack attempt and then a rope-run DDT to get back in charge for the babyface.

Champ with clotheslines to the corner, which Neville eventually counters with corner attacks of his own.  Not sure if it's the technical difficulties, but I'm not really feeling this match.

Adrian up top for Red Arrow, but Bo gets up to push him violently down to the apron.  He makes his way to a ladder and the title.  Neville jumps over him and gets his hand on the title, but Bo clubs at him from behind.

Well, business picks up when Neville gets the Red Arrow onto Dallas, who he had set up on another ladder.  Bo rolls out, and then races back in, but can't stop Adrian's ascent up the ladder and into history as the 4th NXT champ.

Adrian celebrating.  Cena in attendance.  All of my booking was wrong, and I'm salty about the stream.

I'm gonna have to rewatch it to get the good vibes back from the opener.

See y'all in the podcast!

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