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Terry Funk's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Terry Funk and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the real hardcore legend. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Promos - Fantastic on the mic, passion for days, with insanity added in his later years.
  2. Renovation - He really understood how wrestling changed decade to decade. He went from being a masterful grappler/brawler to a hardcore style later on. Don't see a lot of wrestlers have such a dramatic change in style over their career like Funk did.
  3. Flair Feud - Had a great blood feud with Flair, from what you guys said, it sounds like something I need to re-visit!
  4. Dedication - He debuted in 1965, and still hasn't truly retired. He's coming up on 50 years inside the ring.
  5. Helped Foley - When Foley came crashing through the cell against Taker, Funk jumped to action. Knowing that wasn't supposed to happen he got into a mini brawl with Taker to buy Mick some time. Funk eventually got chokeslamed to the 9th level of Hell.

My favorite comment goes to thehobodownthestreet - "Terry was never shredded with muscles on top of muscles. But he looked the part. He came from a different era. He looked like a guy that worked 12 hours everyday as a rancher, and if he put you in a headlock, there’s no way you were getting out of it. He was fit, with his crazy curly brown hair going all over the place as he sold getting punched in the face. He looked the part of a professional wrestler."


What you loathed:

  1. Fake Retirements - It's just silly now, I've lost count how many times Funk was supposed to retire. It's great that he dedicated, but he should have stopped about 2 decades ago. He very much falls into the stereotypical wrestler who stuck around too long.
  2. Risky Spots - He was doing moonsaults at the age of 50! I'm still not sure how he pulled off those spots when he could barely walk down the ramp. He must be in more pain than Green Bay after Geno Time.

That was about it for trends. Most of those who responded really didn't have anything negative to say about Terry.

Favorite comment goes to ReverendKain - "Bad: His million-and-one retirements. I love you, Terry, but you know, I know, everybody knows, you’re never gonna actually retire. Quit it."

Last, but not least the poll! With 124 votes, Mr. Funk's average score is 4.4

Thanks, Cagesiders!

Hint for tomorrow: Loud sunglasses.

Until then!

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