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Hi, My Name is: Week in Review

Let's take a look back at all the Cageside Evaluations you fine readers have delivered in the past week in "Hi, My Name is", including a look at the likes of Kofi Kingston, Lita, Kane, Scott Hall, Summer Rae and Roddy Piper.

Another week down, another week closer to evaluating every single wrestler ever! Gotta have goals right? Let's look back...

1/27/14 - Kane (evaluation) - Updated average poll score: 4.0

Best comments by: Hollywood J Blaq and Bish Bash Falls

1/28/14 - Scott Hall (evaluation) - Updated average poll score: 4.1

Best comments by: Gophermike and pine snake

1/29/14 - Summer Rae (evaluation) - Updated average poll score: 3.6

Best comments by: Vidence and SkyonAir

1/30/14 - Roddy Piper (evaluation) - Updated average poll score: 4.4

Best comments by: LoneStranger and *Asterisk*

1/31/14 - Lita (evaluation) - Updated average poll score: 4.4

Best comments by: RProcter89 and Jerichoholic_21

2/1/14 - Kofi Kingston (evaluation) - Updated average poll score: 3.3

Best comments by: Gophermike and R Reg


Most Rec (with .gif or picture) comment: TJ_UK (Kofi blasting The Miz) - (38 Recs)

Most Rec comment: Yourroleandyou (13 Recs) - "You should make it Santino, Doors. I worry what he’ll do if it’s not Santino." - This was in regards to Cagesider tkatt00 making it perfectly clear that I need to pick Santino Marella...and soon.

Best Evening Comment: Hollywood J Blaq - "I always feel honored when Doors gives me top comment. It’s like in 5th grade when I used to do book reports and my teacher likes mine so much he shows it off to all the other teachers and I get candy for a week. I guess what I’m trying to say is I miss elementary school."


If you see anything in the previous posts that you want to further discuss or that wasn't discussed at all, please leave them in the comments below, so more people will see and respond to them.

Thanks Cagesiders, next week should be fun, we will be evaluating a lot of your requests!

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