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Steve Austin doesn't think Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak should ever be broken

Stone Cold sits down with old friend Jim Ross on his new podcast, and discusses a wide-range of current topics like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. But when they talk about WrestleMania and Undertaker's Streak, the differences between a couple of insiders and a bunch of fans is really brought into contrast.

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If you haven't had your fill of internet audio from Stone Cold Steve Austin lately, the Rattlesnake is the first guest on Jim Ross' new podcast: The Ross Report.

The potentate of podcast jumps off with CM Punk (where Austin's answers are still in line with what he told Arsenio Hall a few weeks back) before moving Daniel Bryan, where both men agree that whether or not it started that way, fan reaction will lead to a "slow burn" that ends with The Beard on top of the WWE card.

Then it's on to WrestleMania, the 30th edition of which takes place on April 6th in New Orleans, and asked about his participation, Austin says:

No one has reached out to me in any creative form or capactity whatsoever...I'm not looking to get in and work a match, so don't even entertain those thoughts whoever's listening.

For more on if Austin sees much, or any, wrestling in his future, read Geno's post from this same news-rich podcast here.

On the topic of Undertaker's streak of wins at WWE's signature event, Stone Cold suddenly sounds very much like a fan:

I don't want to see 21 and 1...I can not see that streak being broken, nor do I want to. That's how special it is.

After Ross fantasy books 'Taker versus John Cena in Cowboys Stadium (presumably at WrestleMania 32 in 2016), Stone Cold comments on that potential match-up:

It's certainly box office. No one is going to know what's gonna happen until the match is over. So it could go either way. I'm just saying I never want to see The Streak broken, but I want to see a hell of a performance. Because if there's a star as big as John Cena, he could feasibly go over.

What's interesting to me in that quote is how differently a couple of old industry hands like Austin and Ross view The Streak as compared to a fan like me. I see a lot more suspense in a match-up of Taker and a younger star like Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt, with the presumption being that UT would want to "make" someone by letting them hand him his first Mania loss.

JR and Stone Cold seem to see it the other way around, with the only candidates for the rub of beating The Dead Man in April being already made men like Cena.

It probably explains why having Cena defeat The Rock last year at The Granddaddy of Them All seemed like a bigger deal to WWE than it did to us.

Give the whole show a listen, and sound off on the fellas thoughts about Punk, Bryan, Taker and Cena in the comments below!