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Aksana's Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Aksana and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the Diva who is most hated by fans of Naomi. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Looks - More specifically, eyebrows. She was a bodybuilder so she has a larger frame than most of the Divas. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I'd put her at the bottom of the Divas in terms of looks.
  2. Nothing - Can't wrestle or talk, which are both pretty important skills in the wrestling world. I mean, you guys said she would be best as a silent valet, basically a cardboard cutout.
  3. Accent - She stands out from the pack with a different sounding voice. Unfortunately, she can't cut promos, so there's that...

Favorite comments belongs to ReverendKain - "She’s a perfect example of a 1.5, someone with a single marginal use (she makes an okay valet) and no other redeeming qualities. It’s also kind of cool to have a Lithuanian on the roster, neat to see under-represented places represented. Although I’d switch her out for Lithuanian Snow Troll in a second and he’s not even human."


What you loathed:

  1. Everything - I don't like using this as a choice, but with Aksana I couldn't escape it. You guys just don't find any redeeming values and if it weren't for a robot being on the Divas roster, she would probably be considered the worst overall.
  2. Hurt Naomi - Yes, I timed this evaluation after she did something incredibly stupid to my favorite Diva, but a lot of you weren't fans of that botch (even if you weren't Naomi fans). It sucks that Naomi's push will be put on hold now because of the injury.
  3. Poster Child - Not in a good way either. When we look at the current state of the Divas division, she is everything that is wrong with it. No real wrestling talent, just a pretty face that doesn't add anything to the product. Actually, she has taken away from it.
  4. Crawl - Some of you don't like her crawl...

Favorite comment belongs to CalTrause - "Loathe: WWE creative for not giving us an Aksana vs Swagger match, just to see them botch the hell out of each other."

Looking at the poll, with 262 votes, Ms. Aksana's average score is 2.3. An appropriate score, the troll 5 votes brought this up higher than it should have been though. She got the dreaded "Love: Nothing. Loathe: Everything" vote in the comments, so we know where cSs stands with her.

Tomorrow we will look at someone who left us way too soon.

Until then!

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