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Undertaker vs. Sting at WrestleMania 31 might actually happen

Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Despite the fact that his streak was broken at WrestleMania 30 by Brock Lesnar, and he suffered multiple injuries in that match, including a serious concussion, Undertaker is reportedly scheduled to work the WrestleMania 31 pay-per-view (PPV) on March 29, 2015, in Santa Clara, California.

And it looks like that Sting match is finally going to happen.

That's according to a report from PW Insider, who brought word that his image is being used for marketing materials for the big show. That may have had a great deal to do with Sting making his long awaited WWE debut at Survivor Series late last month.

If the rumors are true, he only signed a contract to work a limited number of dates. Vince McMahon himself said we'll only see him sparingly and all but confirmed he'll have a match at WrestleMania, just like he always wanted before he retires from professional wrestling.

He wanted it to be against Undertaker, streak or not, and it's looking more and more likely he'll get his wish.

If you're wondering why the streak was broken if "The Phenom" was going to continue wrestling at future WrestleMania events, you can read McMahon's explanation here.


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