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The Young Bucks' Cageside Evaluation


What you loved:

  1. Top Tag Team - They are considered one of the top tag teams in the world, and have the titles to prove it.
  2. Superkick - Ahem....SUPPPPERRR-KIIIIIICCKKK!!! You folks took all of their gifs in the comments, so that gif works, right?
  3. In-Ring - True talents that perform an amazing amount of actual tag team moves.
  4. Throwback Gimmick - Almost right out of the Attitude Era with how they carry themselves, the crotch chops, and keeping it kayfabe all the time, even on Twitter.
  5. Fun - They are just so fluid, and all over the place in the ring. Sit back and enjoy the chaos.

Best comment comes via Vidence:

"That They’ve literally just taken 1998 wrestling and said, ’That’s what we do now.’ The Young Bucks just hit an absolute sweet spot for me in so many ways. As someone that grew up coming to wrestling a little late, and starting with the more realistic ECW, rather than something like the cartoony early 90s WWF, the Reality Era has always been something I’ve embraced with both hands, and the Bucks are the absolute masters of it."


What you loathed:

  1. No WWE - Still plenty of time, but they have yet to make it to the top of the mountain.
  2. Runaway Train - Stone Cold has said they should slow down in the ring, especially if they want a WWE career.
  3. Spot Monkeys - Although creative and fun, some of you felt it can get a bit over the top.
  4. Physique - Again this goes back to a potential WWE run, but they need to pack on some pounds/muscle to fit the culture.
  5. TNA Run - Not good.

Best comment comes via scorpio_x:

"What’s next? The problem with wrestling in America is that its run by one family. There is no true number two federation and that’s disturbing, because it frankly it interrupts the Bucks upward climb in some form. Its sad that the Japanese understand the American wrestling psyche more than the American promoters. Anyhow, the Bucks have won nearly every tag title that is worth something, except for two. Of course the NWA titles don’t really stand for much, stature wise."

On to the poll! With 166 votes, The Young Bucks' average score is 4.2.

Thanks, Cagesiders! We'll be back on Sunday with poll score updates, and the best comments of the week.

Until then!

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