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Final Kevin Steen WWE NXT Hype Video establishes his history with Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn

It's not the same without Kevin Steen Owen's (that's gonna take some getting used to) fantastic "French-Canadian who learned how to speak English by watching wrestling promos" accent, but I still think it reads like an epic poem:

I have fought tooth and nail for fourteen years
to get to the WWE

I battled Seth Rollins, spent time with Seth Rollins
They called him first.

I was part of a tag team with Daniel Bryan
They called him first

I met Adrian Neville in 2006 in England
when HE was just an inexperienced kid
and they called him first

I travelled the world for ten years with Sami Zayn
and I consider him my best friend
but they called HIM first

Seeing all those guys pass me by
as happy as I was for them
If anything, helped make me into who I am today

But it's MY turn now
I have no plan B
this is why this HAS to work

My name's Kevin Owens
I will fight ANYONE and EVERYONE

Because that's what I do best

As I said in my NXT reactions, this is a genius move and the beauty of how they approach the independent and international stars' histories, at least while they're in Developmental. Their backgrounds, especially for the crew that's worked extensively in the States, are replete with storyline fodder. Their strategy leaves that intact while also emphasizes that it's a new start via the name change and the various ways they've teased and rolled out debuts.

Because of this, even fans who only watch WWE product are now openly wondering what role Owens might play in next week's Takeover: R Evolution main event. He has a connection to both NXT champ Neville and challenger Zayn. Will he assist his friend? A chip has been firmly placed on his shoulder about both guy's being recruited to WWE before him. Will he destroy them both?

Is it 12/11/14 yet?

Fight, Owens, Fight.

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