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Mr. Kennedy's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Mr. Kennedy and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former Money in the Bank winner. Here's the full evaluation.

Impact Wrestling

What you loved:

  1. Mic - It's his gimmick, after all.
  2. Heel - His best work is playing the obnoxious heel.
  3. Hornswoggle - Green Bay Plunge off the ladder! Splat!
  4. "Kennedy" - Miiiisssstterrrr Kennedddyyyyy!!!.....Kennedy...
  5. TNA Feuds - He moved on and has done pretty well for himself in the second rate promotion. Notable feuds were with Kurt Angle, Sting, and Samuel Shaw, though that last one is more of a "so bad, it's good" kind of thing.

Best comment comes via Argonut:

"Mic work, for certain. I’m not sure who thought of a guy being his own announcer, but it’s a great heel move. Especially when he would kick Lillian out of the ring so he could announce himself. Not to mention, he’s from Green Bay. Instant nuclear heat in Chicago. He took a brutal match with Batista on short notice, showing that the guy is pretty damn tough. He gave the Green Bay Plunge to Hornswoggle off of a ladder. Also, Myspace sucks. He also has the honor of being the last man that wrestled Eddie Guerrero."


What you loathed:

  1. In-Ring - Average in terms of skills within the ring.
  2. Forgettable - Not a lot of memorable moments, bit of a one-trick pony (Kennedy!!!), and poor face work all led to this trend.
  3. Injuries - Seemed like every time he started to move up the card, an injury would come along and push him right back down it.
  4. MITB - While some of you were happy Edge beat him for the briefcase, quite a few others felt Kennedy got screwed out of it.
  5. Mic - Not everyone is a fan, especially with his recent work, which was called lewd and juvenile.

Best comment comes via GuyinNY:

"All you need to know about Kennedy is that he's been Anderson three times as long and we still call him Kennedy."

On to the poll! With 275 votes, Mr. Kennedy's average score is 3.2.

Thanks, Cagsiders! Tomorrow's pick was, at one point, the most decorated champion ever in wrestling.

Until then!

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