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All throughout the evening on Monday Night Raw in Washington D.C. earlier tonight WWE teased that Daniel Bryan could announce his retirement from pro wrestling when he came out for his announcement.

Thankfully, he didn't.

He announced he'll be in the Royal Rumble on Jan. 25, 2015,

Bryan opened by saying he never thought he could come from a small town to headline WrestleMania and win the WWE world heavyweight championship. He thanked the fans for giving him that opportunity.

Then, he got emotional. He spoke of his father dying and his not being there because he was wrestling. Then he talked about the injury he suffered and the fact that doctors couldn't fix him. He told us he talked to all his friends, his family, and even Edge about what to do with his future and whether all of it is worth it or not.

"And because you guys have supported me so much, I requested to come out here and make this announcement.

"Is my career over?


"Am I entering the Royal Rumble?


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